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14 September 2012
Grand Supreme Blood Court: Unveil cover artwork and announce release date for debut album "Bow Down Before The Blood Court"!
Grand Supreme Blood Court:  Unveil cover artwork and announce release date for debut album "Bow Down Before The Blood Court"!
Dutch death metal tribunal GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT will release its debut album "Bow Down Before The Blood Court" via Century Media Records on November 12th, 2012 in Europe and November 20th, 2012 in the US!

Therefor the band is now revealing the album's intense cover artwork, which was created by Axel Hermann (Asphyx, Grave, Unleashed, etc.). See above!

GSBC's main songwriters are former Asphyx-axeman Eric Daniels and current Asphyx-bassist Alwin Zuur (who plays guitar in GSBC), whereas vocal duties are being handled by one of the fiercest throats in human history: Martin van Drunen. Rounded off by Bob Bagchus (Asphyx) on drums and bassist Theo van Eekelen (Hail Of Bullets) you can expect to-the-bone death metal inspired by old Slaughter, Funeral Bitch or Necrovore. The album was mixed by none less than Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath).

Grand Registrar Zuur adds: "Finally, the Blood Court has become a real and totally devastating band! While some might sneer at the similarities with the Asphyx line-up, as soon as you listen to this beast of an album you will realize that with Eric and me on guitar GSBC musically takes another route and offers a different kind of riffing and some sick yet harmonic, epic pieces. No matter if you're into Asphyx or any of the other bands related to the Blood Court, we invested enough blood, spirit and energy into this record to know that it will not disappoint anyone into straight-forward, face-melting death metal. No compromises."

The tribunal:
Grand Magistrate Bagchus - Firing squad commander and coffin drummings
Grand Judge Daniels - Axe wielding beheader guitar
Grand Prosecutor van Drunen - Verdicts, sentences and tormented howls
Grand Registrar Zuur - Blood runes and flesh-saw guitar
Grand Executioner van Eekelen - Torture instruments and slaying bass

A first song taken from "Bow Down Before The Blood Court" will be exclusively premiered promotionally via www.rockhard.de on September 24th, 2012.

The GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT does not just sentence you to death...
...the GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT sentences you to death metal!