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26 October 2012
Orphaned Land: for Nobel Peace Prize!
Orphaned Land:  for Nobel Peace Prize!
ORPHANED LAND are one of the most respected and loved musicians over the entire globe, a band that dedicates their existence to the world language of metal music and cross-cultural understanding. While not overtly political, ORPHANED LAND are nevertheless proud of creating a reality of coexistence that has escaped politicians and peacemakers alike. They often speak of the power of music to turn purported enemies into friends, frequently pay homage and encourage collaborations with Arab and Muslim artists and have made their latest album free to download for anyone in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries. Over the past years these warriors of light achieved great things for the freedom of art, cultural and religious understanding.

Now, a petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee has been submitted to consider ORPHANED LAND for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize and we think this is really something to support. Please sign this petition if you feel the same way.

Kobi Farhi, singer of ORPHANED LAND shouts out: "This is my personal request to all my friends from the Middle East, Turkey, and in general from all my Muslim friends! We know for a long time now that we are above politics, we know that if it was in our hands, peace would have prevailed right away. Please enter this link and sign if you find us worthy, please also spread the word and share it on your pages. I send my endless love to all of you and all my love and best greetings for the coming holyday in a few days.

Please follow this link to enter the petition: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/nominate-orphaned-land-for-the-2013-nobel-peace-prize.html