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14 November 2012
NecroWretch: First album details revealed
NecroWretch:  First album details revealed
French Metal of Death maniacs NECROWRETCH are proud to announce the recording and mastering of their debut album has been finished. This first album was recorded in late August at Blackout Multimedia studios in Brussels by Phorgath of Enthroned and is entitled "Putrid Death Sorcery".

NECROWRETCH's guitarist / vocalist Vlad comments: "We are extremely pleased with the way the recordings took place in Brussels as Phorgath of Enthroned put all his energy in this album and did everything possible to make those days in the studio a stainless experience. A first album is always a turning point in the life of a band and we were willing to push everything one step further while remaining faithful to our influences such as Merciless and Grotesque. We also wanted this album to be more personal and more varied than everything we have done in the past. All in all I think the mission is accomplished! We are now looking forward to puke on the face of the earth what Necrowretch has to offer on a full length album through songs such as Ripping Souls Of Sinners, Putrid Death Sorcery or Spewed From Hell. Our friend Milovan Novakovic from Montenegro is now working on the cover artwork and some shirts design that will symbolize our Putrid Death Metal!"
Jerry Maréchal, A&R at Century Media Europe comments: "Witnessing the band in the studio was a truly impressive experience to say the least! It was like seeing a beast come to life and I can't wait to see the face of people when this beast will cross their paths!"

NECROWRETCH will headline the Detest Records farewell show in Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday 15th of December at Magasin 4 (www.magasin4.be) with a very special show. The band is looking forward to conquer more territories when the album is out with their bestial shows! Furthermore, a professional live clip with 3 cameras will be recorded at the occasion of this show in Brussels.

"Putrid Death Sorcery" will see its worldwide release on Century Media Records in late January 2012.

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