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10 December 2012
Finntroll: arbeiten an neuem Studioalbum
Finntroll:  arbeiten an neuem Studioalbum
Während die Sonne in Finnland nicht mehr scheint und die dunkelsten Tage im Jahr beginnen, starten FINNTROLL passend zu ihrem drei Jahres Zyklus die Aufnahmen zu ihrem 6. Album in den Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki. Das noch unbetitelte Album ist der Nachfolger zu ihrem 2010 veröffentlichten Meisterwerk "Nifelvind" und wird im März 2013 auf Century Media Records veröffentlicht.

Die Band kommentiert die Aufnahmen auf ihrem Studio-Blog (yersiniafestis.blogspot.de): "Combining our trademark sound with even more influences from non- traditional genres in metal music, we have created 11 songs which show you everything we want to offer. And boy, wasn't that one of the hardest task for some time. After all, how do you keep your sound fresh, yet familiar, after 6 albums and 15 years?

At some point, we were afraid that the songs are not melodic enough. Then we started to fear they became too melodic. Then we let the songs rest for a while and molded them more in a way that the non- melodic stuff got something to hum with, and the cheesy pop- songs were arranged more stripped and aggressive. We were confident, yet sometimes scared what will people think of the stuff we've been doing so hard. What if they hate it? That would be fine, but if they would hate it because the material was uninspiring, boring and done-to-death, that would be a huge disappointment. So, we kept pushing and tried to keep it fresh all the time while still having the 'this has to be Finntroll because no other band sounds this insane' - grinning going on."

Neugierig wie es wirklich klingt? Hier könnt ihr euch einige Demo Snippets anhören:
Falls ihr in Nepal wohnt und noch nie was von einer Band namens FINNTROLL gehört habt, lasst euch das musikalische Treiben der Band von Trollhorn (der Typ, der gelegentlich mit dem Rest der Band spielt) erklären: "Finntroll is a Finnish metal band, existing since 1997. We have released...ummm, six albums, I guess [it's actually only 5 albums and 2 EPs so far] and despite of dead members, internal quarrels and constant mischief we still somehow manage to pull it off. Our musical style is a tint of Black and Death metal combined with Scandinavian and European folk music, spiced with a dose of ska, cartoon- esque- circus- music and whatnot. We also boast with occasional Latin music, Psychobilly and Klezmer influences, so it´s kinda hard to explain, really. We are pretty much labeled as 'Folk Metal' from the wider perspective, but we´ve never quite felt like belonging there per se. Basically, we don´t even really care and nor should you."

29.12.2012 - Switzerland, Winterthur - Eulachhalle
2013 Dates werden in Kürze bekanntgegeben

Folg dem Studio-Blog unter yersiniafestis.blogspot.de und haltet die Augen und Ohren offen für weitere News.