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14 December 2012
NecroWretch: launch first track of "Putrid Death Sorcery"
NecroWretch:  launch first track of "Putrid Death Sorcery"
NECROWRETCH have today launched the first full track of the upcoming debut album "Putrid Death Sorcery". It's the album's opening track "Ripping Souls Of Sinners". The title of the track already sums up the essence of the NECROWRETCH quite accurate: This is soul-ripping, fear-spreading, tormenting, sacrilegious and rancid Metal of total Death!

So go and check out "Ripping Souls Of Sinners" here: youtu.be/NdOgF8bVBqo

"Putrid Death Sorcery" will be released on Century Media Records all over Europe on January 28th 2013. Prepare to defend your worthless lives against the storm of the Goat-Headed.

"Putrid Death Sorcery" track listing:
1. Ripping Souls Of Sinners (02:37)
2. Purifying Torment (03:21)
3. Goat-Headed (03:04)
4. Putrid Death Sorcery (03:52)
5. Impious Plague In Catacombs (03:35)
6. Spewed From Hell (03:29)
7. Defiler Of Sacrality (03:16)
8. The Anthropomancer (04:26)
9. Soiled Into A Crypt (02:26)
10. Necrollections (03:03)
11. Repugnizer (02:35)

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