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01 March 2013
Intronaut: Premieres New Song; Reveals Second Studio Update Video
Intronaut:  Premieres New Song; Reveals Second Studio Update Video
Los Angeles post metal proggers INTRONAUT have teamed up with European music outlet VISIONS.de to premiere "The Way Down," another brand new song from their forthcoming album, HABITUAL LEVITATIONS. The album will be released in North American on March 19, 2013 and on March 18, 2013 in Europe. The track "The Way Down" can be heard here: http://www.visions.de/news/18114/Intronaut-Exklusive-Premiere

INTRONAUT also recently revealed two new studio update videos. Episode 1 turns its focus to the thunder work of drummer Danny Walker. With a touch of technicality and a bit of cabin fever style shenanigans, Walker takes fans on an intimate tour through Trench Studios in Corona, CA for a behind the scenes look at the process of recording the drums. Episode 2 tunes eyes and ears into the process of tracking guitars and bass for the new record. Guitarists Sacha, Dave and bassist Joe strum through Derek Donley's Studio in Los Angeles showing fans exactly how they put their pedals to the METAL! With a camera in hand and the use of a few choice words, the guys explain everything from bumping the mids to all of the cords, amps, cables, and microphones that make the magic of capturing their irresistibly progressive sound possible. Both studio videos can be seen below:

Studio Video #1: Click Here
Studio Video #2: Click Here

INTRONAUT has premiered two other tracks from the album so far, "Milk Leg" and "The Welding" which can be heard below:

"Milk Leg" - Click Here
"The Welding" - Click Here

Exclusive pre-orders for HABITUAL LEVITATIONS are available via CM Distro, including a CD/t-shirt bundle which is available here. Leading up to the release of HABITUAL LEVITATIONS, INTRONAUT is on the road with MESHUGGAH and ANIMALS AS LEADERS. A list of remaining tour dates can be seen below.

For more information on INTRONAUT, visit: