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04 June 2013
Monuments: To reveal new vocalist at Ghostfest 2013
Monuments:  To reveal new vocalist at Ghostfest 2013
UK tech-metallers MONUMENTS have called off their singer search and are almost ready to announce their new vocalist! To keep fans in suspense, this mystery band member will be revealed at MONUMENTS' performance at Ghostfest, which takes place June 29th and 30th at Leeds University in the UK.

In regards to the new line-up, John Browne (guitar) comments: "We're happy to announce that we will be performing with our new vocalist at Ghostfest in June and Techfest in July. We're very confident in his abilities in recreating 'Gnosis' as well as giving a whole new twist to the future music of MONUMENTS...We know you're going to love what you hear. Please feel free to attend Ghostfest to see who it is, but please be aware tickets are very limited."

To get the latest MONUMENTS news, be sure to download the band's new iPhone/Android app here: www.bandapp.com

As torchbearers of the UK tech metal scene, MONUMENTS combines aggressive angular grooves with a spacious melodic ambience that is punchy, yet progressive. Their debut full-length album, "Gnosis", was released last year to critical acclaim and features nine tracks with hooks that will taunt you for hours. For a preview of "Gnosis", be sure to check out the official video for the album track "97% Static" HERE!

Read on for a few reviews of MONUMENTS' Gnosis:

"Put simply: it's prog metal without indulgence." (Kerrang!, UK)

"Taken as a whole this is a mightily impressive piece of work [...]." (Terrorizer, UK)

"[....] they could blossom into something special." (Metal Hammer, UK)

"'Gnosis' catapults MONUMENTS straight to the Upper House of the genre." (Metal Hammer, D)

"MONUMENTS are putting themselves forward for one of the higher ranks among the spear heads of the current djent scene with their strong, challenging yet fluent debut album." (Legacy, D)

"MONUMENTS are walking the fine line between genius and madness [...]." (Fuze, D)