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13 June 2013
Dark Tranquillity: premieres Decibel Magazine flexi disc track, "Sorrow's Architect," on Metal Sucks.net
Dark Tranquillity:  premieres Decibel Magazine flexi disc track, "Sorrow's Architect," on Metal Sucks.net
Melodic death metal pioneers DARK TRANQUILLITY have teamed up with Decibel Magazine to give fans a silver-on-green flexi disc for the exclusive b-side "Sorrow's Architect"! This track will only be available to Decibel subscribers in the magazine's August issue (out in July), and it comes from the recording sessions of Construct, the band's critically acclaimed 10th studio album. To hear "Sorrow's Architect," please head over to Metal Sucks.net:


For those who aren't subscribed to Decibel Magazine, a few issues with the DARK TRANQUILLITY flexi disc are available for purchase here. To subscribe to Decibel Magazine, please click here.

For a preview of DARK TRANQUILLITY's new album, Construct, be sure to check out the following previously released album tracks:

"For Broken Words"
"The Science Of Noise"
"Endtime Hearts"

Decades after their inception, Gothenburg's DARK TRANQUILLITY remains at the forefront of the scene that they helped to define as one of the longest-standing melodic death metal bands. Their 10th studio album, Construct, continues in the tradition of their past records by not straying from the band's roots, while also putting a fresh spin on their trademark sound. After over 20 years together, DARK TRANQUILLITY yet again proves that they are more vital than ever.

Read on for a few international reviews of the critically acclaimed Construct:

"...an album of style, substance and accomplishment." -- DECIBEL MAGAZINE (USA), 9/10

"...DT continue to expertly hit that sweet spot between encephalectomic brutality and orgasm-inducing catchiness." -- METAL SUCKS.net (USA)

"DARK TRANQUILLITY have long been stalwarts of the Gothenburg death metal scene, and on 'Construct', their tenth album, they're exploring a more varied approach than before." -- TERRORIZER (UK)

"'Construct' doesn't change the musician's formula for success and shows what adapted songwriting can affect: Hits Hits Hits..." -- METAL HAMMER (GER), "Album Of The Month," #1 Metal Hammer Soundcheck

"'Construct' is more refreshing than anything else that the scene has produced over last few years and highlights one more time the exceptional position of the band! Chapeau!" -- ORKUS (GER)

"'Construct' is an album of maturity. Wisdom and serenity are acquired with power and concision. DT has never justified their name that strongly! Awesome!" -- ROCK HARD (FRANCE), "Album Of The Month"

"Probably the purest DARK TRANQUILLITY album to date." -- UP MAGAZINE (NETHERLANDS), 85/100

To purchase Construct, please head over to iTunes for a digital copy or CM Distro for a variety of physical formats.

6.28.2013--Czech Republic, Spalene Porici--Basinfire Festival
7.6.2013--India, Bangalore--Bangalore Open Air
7.11.2013--Germany, Neukirchen Vluyn--Dong Open Air
7.12.2013--Germany, Ballenstedt--RockHarz Festival
7.13.2013--Poland, Wegorzewo--Seven Festival
7.27.2013--Sweden, Rejmyre--Skogsröjet
8.13.2013--Sweden, Östersjön--Close-up båten
8.23.2013--Germany, Wörrstedt--Neuborn Open Air
1.27.2014--USA, Miami--70000 Tons Of Metal

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