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18 June 2013
Witherscape: launches promotional interview-trailer with Dan Swano
Witherscape:  launches promotional interview-trailer with Dan Swano
WITHERSCAPE, the stunning new atmospheric and progressive death metal outfit formed by Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire Dan Swanö together with fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg, will release their debut album, The Inheritance, on July 29th in Europe and August 6th in North America via Century Media Records.

For an in depth look into The Inheritance, be sure to check out an exclusive interview with WITHERSCAPE's mastermind Dan Swanö here:

The Inheritance track-listing:
1. Mother Of The Soul
2. Astrid Falls
3. Dead For A Day
4. Dying For The Sun
5. To The Calling Of Blood And Dreams
6. The Math Of The Myth
7. Crawling From Validity
8. The Wedlock Observation
9. The Inheritance

For a preview of WITHERSCAPE's upcoming concept album, be sure to check out the first single, "Astrid Falls".

WITHERSCAPE marks the long overdue return for Dan Swanö as an active composer and recording artist in the world of extreme metal, after having mostly been involved with mixing in the studio during these past years. While The Inheritance is not purely a death metal release, it showcases both the heavier and mellower sides of Swanö's creativity, and should consequently not only please fans of his earlier efforts like Moontower or the EDGE OF SANITY catalogue, but also attract fans of progressively atmospheric contemporary metal in the vein of OPETH, KATATONIA or AMORPHIS.

To pre-order The Inheritance, please head over to CM Distro for various album formats.

Dan Swanö - Vocals, Drums and Keyboards
Ragnar Widerberg - Guitar and Bass

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