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27 June 2013
Evocation: New EP to be released in August; post new lyric video for "I'll Be Your Suicide"
Evocation:  New EP to be released in August; post new lyric video for "I'll Be Your Suicide"
EVOCATION have just finished the recording of five cover versions that are going to be released as a EP on vinyl and as digital download on August 19th 2013. "Excised And Anatomised", which is the title of the EP, includes the following tracks:

Side 1:
1. ... For Victory (originally by Bolt Thrower)
2. Corporal Jigsore Quandary (originally by Carcass)
3. You Suffer (originally by Napalm Death)

Side 2:
1. Enigma (originally by Edge Of Sanity)
2. Terminal Spirit Disease (originally by At The Gates)

All songs have been recorded at the band's own Evocation Studios. Dan Swanö has taken care of the mix and mastering at Unisound Studios. Cover and layout have again been done by Xaay, who has already worked with EVOCATION on their last two studio albums. The result couldn't be more convincing: Each of the five classic songs works very well in the typical sound of EVOCATION. It's not only homage to the ancient gods of Death Metal. It's a tribute to the scene itself that EVOCATION has been part of since the band's founding in 1991. It's a deferential bow to the bands that have decisively influenced EVOCATION throughout the years. "Excised And Anatomised" is not a try to play a decent copy of a classic track. It's a statement, an oath of allegiance to Death Metal. The vinyl version of "Excised And Anatomised" will be released as a 12inch EP on 180g vinyl with inlay for a fan-friendly price.

So if you are curious how those cult death metal classics sound in the EVOCATION vein, be sure to download your copy of the EP or get your hands on one of the limited vinyl copies:
White vinyl, limited to 100 copies - exclusively at www.cmdistro.com
Grey vinyl, limited to 100 copies - exclusively at Nuclear Blast
Dark-red vinyl, limited to 100 copies - available at various mailorders
Black vinyl, limited to 700 copies - available at various mailorder

Check out EVOCATION's brand new lyric video for the song "I'll Be Your Suicide" HERE!

Check out the title track for EVOCATION's latest masterpiece "Illusions Of Grandeur" HERE!

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