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17 September 2013
Warbringer: Launch first song off new album "IV: Empires Collapse" via website of UK's Terrorizer Mag!
Warbringer:  Launch first song off new album "IV: Empires Collapse" via website of UK's Terrorizer Mag!
Following up on a successful appearance at Iron Maiden's "The Battle Of San Bernardino" event last weekend and in the light of the nearing release of their 4th studio album, "IV: Empires Collapse", on October 28th, 2013 in Europe and October 29th, 2013 in North America via Century Medias Records, Los Angeles based WARBRINGER are now debuting a first song taken from the upcoming album.

Check out the track "Hunter-Seeker" via a lyric-video on the website of UK's Terrorizer Magazine here: http://www.terrorizer.com/news/video/warbringer-unveil-new-lyric-video/

WARBRINGER checked in to comment as follows about the track: "Hunter-Seeker was the last song completed for the album, yet we feel is one of the strongest tracks to be presented to our fans as the first single. The music was composed and arranged by Carlos Cruz, and the lyrics were a collaboration between John Kevill and Cruz. Kevill had the title in mind before the lyrics were written, though the idea was to write about the instilled sense of fear and paranoia within humans with the recent leak in the mainstream media of the NSA's operations of our surveillance. Since 2007, Operation PRISM has been in effect; without consent of the people, and those in compliance have been all major internet providers and social media networks who have allowed the NSA to collect everything a user does on the world-wide web. When structured into lyrics, the subject gelled well with the songs dynamic of relentless, yet bleak music."

"IV: Empires Collapse" was recorded with producer Steve Evetts (Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence), mixed by Brett Eliason (Pearl Jam, Heart, BoySetsFire) and mastered by Alan Douches / West West Side Music (Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Converge). The album's cover artwork was designed by Adrienne Rozzi.

The album's complete tracklisting reads as follows:

WARBRINGER - "IV: Empires Collapse"
1. Horizon
2. The Turning Of The Gears
3. One Dimension
4. Hunter-Seeker
5. Black Sun, Black Moon
6. Scars Remain
7. Dying Light
8. Iron City
9. Leviathan
10. Off With Their Heads!
11. Towers Of The Serpent

WARBRINGER have documented the recording process for and the studio updates can be seen here:
Episode #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMzz1PiX9VQ
Episode #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNRb7JOCCY8
Episode #3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gguX72LRyxQ

Upon release of "IV: Empires Collapse", WARBRINGER will be touring North America with Kreator and Overkill between October 27th and November 29th, 2013.

Stay tuned for more details and first music samples on WARBRINGER's "IV: Empires Collapse" soon...