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24 September 2013
NecroWretch: cover artwork of "Bestial Rites 2009-2012" revealed
NecroWretch:  cover artwork of "Bestial Rites 2009-2012" revealed
The release of "Bestial Rites 2009-2012", NECROWRETCH's collection of EP and demo tracks, is due for October 21st. The cover artwork for this release of sacrality-defiling death metal bestiality has again been done by Milovan Novakovic, who has already done artworks for NECROWRETCH's EPs "Putrefactive Infestation" and "Now You're In Hell" as well as for the band's rancid debut album "Putrid Death Sorcery". The actual cover artwork just shows a part of a huge artwork which can be admired in its entirety by unfolding the CD booklet.

"Bestial Rites 2009-2012" includes all tracks of NECROWRETCH's demos and EPs as well as an unreleased cover version of the MERCILESS classic track "Pure Hate". It will be released on CD and as digital download.

If you haven't checked out the video of "Putrid Death Sorcery" and you are in the mood for some Gallic death metal ferocity, then click the link below: http://youtu.be/cZXjp30gn7k

The Wretch is out for blood!

"Bestial Rites 2009-2012" tracklist:
1. Putrefactive Infestation
2. Sepulchral Pleading
3. A Rancid Spree
4. Sadistic Expiation
5. From A Hideous Summoning
6. Zombie Ritual (Death cover)
7. Pure Hate (Merciless cover)
8. Evil Dismay / Necrollections
9. Unholy Stench Of Sin
10. Supposed To Rot (Nihilist Cover)
11. Called From The Grave
12. Regurgitated Remains
13. Impending Morbidity
14. Repugnizer
15. Assumed Dead
16. Rising From Purulence
17. Buried To Death

Tracks 1-4 taken from "Putrefactive Infestation" 12" MLP, originally released on Detest Records in 2011
Tracks 5-6 taken from the "Now You're In Hell" 7" EP, originally released on Detest Records in 2012
Track 7 is a previously unreleased track recorded in 2012
Tracks 8-10 are taken from the "Necrollections" demo tape, released on Aural Offerings in 2010
Tracks 11-17 are taken from the "Rising From Purulence" demo tape, released on Adžove Vrbe Records in 2009

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