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11 February 2014
Napalm Death: Tour with Hatebreed and The Exploited starts today; Special Roadburn set!
Napalm Death:  Tour with Hatebreed and The Exploited starts today; Special Roadburn set!
No rest for the wicked! Grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH continue to promote their critically acclaimed latest, 14th studio album release, "Utilitarian", and kick off a run of high-profile dates together with Metalcore masters Hatebreed and UK Punk icons The Exploited today, followed by several intense weeks more of touring around Europe.

NAPALM DEATH's vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway checked in with the following comment: "I'm still quite surprised that somebody was able to bring a concert bill with this kind of impact together. There's a strong undercurrent, in particular, of punk and hardcore to all three bands on this bill, but still even within that something for all tastes within the genre. Hopefully I'll be able to break through Wattie from the Exploited's truly unique accent on this tour - now there's a challenge!"

Here is a list of all upcoming 2014 live-dates by NAPALM DEATH:

NAPALM DEATH - Live 2014:
Presented by Rage Wear, OX Fanzine, Slam Magazine & Fuze Mag.
11.02.2014 Madrid (Spain) - Sala Penelope + Hatebreed & The Exploited
12.02.2014 Malaga (Spain) - Sala Trinchera + Hatebreed & The Exploited
13.02.2014 Lisbon (Portugal) - Republica De Musica + Hatebreed & The Exploited
14.02.2014 Oviedo (Spain) - Sala Estilo + Hatebreed & The Exploited
15.02.2014 Bilbao (Spain) - Sala Santana 27 + Hatebreed & The Exploited
16.02.2014 Barcelona (Spain) - Sala Razzmatazz + Hatebreed & The Exploited
17.02.2014 Marseille (France) - Le Moulin + Hatebreed
18.02.2014 Bologna (Italy) - Zona Roveri + Hatebreed
19.02.2014 Roma (Italy) - Orion Live Club + Hatebreed
20.02.2014 Segrate (Italy) - Magnolia + Hatebreed
21.02.2014 Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Kino + Hatebreed
22.02.2014 Zagreb (Croatia) - Tvornica + Hatebreed
23.02.2014 Belgrade (Serbia) - Dom + Hatebreed
24.02.2014 Linz (Austria) - Posthof + Hatebreed
25.02.2014 Budapest (Hungary) - Barba Negra Club + Hatebreed
26.02.2014 Ostrava (Czech Republic) - Barrak Music Club + Hatebreed
28.02.2014 Umea (Sweden) - House Of Metal Festival + Hatebreed
10.04.2014 Tilburg (The Netherlands) - Roadburn Festival
11.04.2014 Pontoise (France) - Observatoire + Hammercult
12.04.2014 Creil (France) - Grange a Musique + Hammercult
13.04.2014 Nantes (France) - Ferrailleur + Hammercult
14.04.2014 Paris (France) - Fleche d'Or + Hammercult
15.04.2014 Lyon (France) - CCO + Hammercult
16.04.2014 Toulouse (France) - Le Metronom + Hammercult
17.04.2014 Angouleme (France) - La Nef + Hammercult
19.04.2014 Chaulnes (France) - Chaulnes Metal Fest
02.05.2014 Leeds (UK) - 'Kin Hell Fest
09.05.2014 Le Havre (France) - Tetris
10.05.2014 Matignicourt (France) - Lezard'Os Metal Fest
11.05.2014 Dunkerque (France) - 4 Excluse
09.08.2014 Schlotheim (Germany) - Party.San Open Air
29.08.2014 Wörrstadt (Germany) - NOAFestival
Booking: www.mad-tourbooking.de

One of the absolute highlights of the band's intense upcoming touring schedule will be the appearance at 2014's edition of the illustrious Roadburn Festival, hosted at the 013 Venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands. NAPALM DEATH will be crashing into Roadburn with a set highlighting the more experimental moments of their extensive back-catalogue on Thursday, April 10th, 2014.

Frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway has this to say about this special event: "The common currency of Napalm is clearly the fast and the furious, but as Roadburn likes to peel away the layers to find the quirks in its performers, we have decided to attempt bringing to the fore the slow, painful, dirgy elements of Napalm that sometimes get partially obscured by the speed factor. We have a number of songs, you could say, from the 'no-wave' stable heavily dripping in the sounds of Swans / Coil / My Bloody Valentine et al and will yank those out of the archives to try and construct something resembling a set. Then, just as the audience are about to jump off the nearest building amidst the abject despair, we'll probably machine-gun it all with a few bursts of dependable speed. Job done"

More details can be found here: http://www.roadburn.com

NAPALM DEATH's latest album, "Utilitarian", has most recently been re-issued by Century Media Records on LP due to the continuous demand. Check in with CM Distro for all available physical formats of the current release and previous albums: http://www.cmdistro.de/Search?q=napalm

Here are links to the 3 video clips launched in promotion of NAPALM DEATH's "Utilitarian" album:
"Analysis Paralysis" (Official video): http://youtu.be/YWTz7730D7Y
"The Wolf I Feed" (Official video): http://youtu.be/el5ewJxBASo
"Everyday Pox" (Tour video): http://youtu.be/ZiNe6qDFZ4o