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04 March 2014
The Haunted: begins recording new album
The Haunted:  begins recording new album

Swedish metal pioneers THE HAUNTED have started recording their 8th studio album at Antfarm Studio in Denmark with their revamped band line-up, featuring founding members Jonas Björler (Bass) and Jensen (Guitars), returning members Adrian Erlandsson (Drums) and Marco Aro (Vocals), and the newest member Ola Englund (Guitars). This currently untitled full-length will be produced by Tue Madsen, who has already worked with the band on their latest albums, in addition to heavyweights such as DARK TRANQUILLITY, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, and SICK OF IT ALL.

Check out a video message from drummer Adrian Erlandsson and guitarist Ola Englund from the studio here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXL9gEXemUI

An additional drum kit rundown video can be viewed here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLx7U-Bat0U

THE HAUNTED have checked in with the following comment from the studio:

"Here you go, folks; picture proof of the cursed, grueling, back-breaking yet eventually immensely rewarding process of recording an album. How about Tue's use of an empty pool for that special reverb effect!? You can't buy that shit as a plug-in (Hey...Wait a minute...Maybe you can?). Anyway, recording might be hard, strenuous work, but it's always relaxing to have producer wizard, and great friend, R-Tue-D-Tue on board. We love both him and his studio dog Maud.

The songs all sound great, and it seems that we're looking at the embryo to a pretty fast album. We're hoping you won't mind the velocity when you pop the CD into the player with your dirty little mitts.

And yup, we've released the bands that'll open for us on our Scandinavian dates. Be sure to get there on time to check them out!"

THE HAUNTED recently released a 3-track single, Eye Of The Storm, which can be purchased digitally at iTunes or at CM Distro as a standard black 7" or USA exclusive white 7" (limited to 200 copies). The single's title track can be heard here, and the relentless 58-second track, "My Enemy", can be heard here.

THE HAUNTED line-up 2014:

Jensen - Guitars

Ola Englund - Guitars

Marco Aro - Vocals

Jonas Björler - Bass

Adrian Erlandsson - Drums