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31 March 2014
Lacuna Coil: "Broken Crown Halo" is out in most of Europe, Australia/NZ, check out selected international press
Lacuna Coil:  "Broken Crown Halo" is out in most of Europe, Australia/NZ, check out selected international press
Get your fresh dose of LACUNA COIL's dark and sultry gothic infused metal, because "Broken Crown Halo" is finally out in most of Europe and Australia/NZ.
The following countries including their native Italy will follow up tomorrow and Wednesday:
USA / CANADA / ITALY / SPAIN / POLAND: Tuesday, 01.04.2014
SWEDEN: Wednesday, 02.04.2014
The following formats are available in Europe, Australia/NZ:
Limited to 2000 copies worldwide and only available via certain partners in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Benelux, France, Italy, UK and USA: Ltd. Edition 2CD+DVD Artbook (LP sized Mediabook with extended 36p booklet, album, DVD, career spanning "Best Of" CD)
Ltd. Edition CD+DVD
LP + entire album on CD
Digital Album
Check out a trailer for DVD that comes with the Ltd. Edition 2CD+DVD Artbook and Ltd. Edition CD+DVD: www.youtu.be

For additional information and a quick browse through the Ltd. Edition 2CD+DVD Artbook please click here: www.youtube.com

You can secure a copy of the album via CM Distro: www.smarturl.it

Selected international media feedback on "Broken Crown Halo":
Cover + Album Of The Month: Orkus, Germany

Cover, Rock Tribune, Belgium: "With their seventh studio album LACUNA COIL shows us that they are still fighting for the symphonic metal king crown."

Part of the cover "Iron Ladies (Eiserne Ladys)", Metal Hammer, Germany: "There is hardly any band with a female singer that could hold a candle to this band."

"... the royal family that plays together, stays together. And LACUNA COIL's reign is just getting started." (Kerrang!, UK)

"Cristina and co remain at the top of their class! The melodic Italian metallers deliver more of the razor-tongued, scornful tunes they're known for, while also delving into a darker, more cinematic soundscape." (Metal Hammer, UK)

"A band that's not afraid of anything." (Rolling Stone, Italy)

"Yet another top of the game album from LACUNA COIL. 'Broken Crown' Halo is a grower filled with sheer intensity." (Rock Hard, Italy)

"Italy's biggest band!" (Grazia, Italy)

"On top of the world." (Panorama, Italy)

"Modern-sounding, smart, classic." (OnStage Mag, Italy)

"Catchy, super melodic and atmospheric, 'Broken Crown Halo' is LACUNA COIL's strongest album to date." (Album Of The Month, Rock Hard, France)

"'Broken Crown Halo' is a pure Rock-Metal release that will for sure please their fans worldwide." (Metallian, France)

"There are not enough superlatives to fully describe 'Broken Crown Halo'. The band is in top form without any doubt." (Metal Obs, France)

"Another pearl in the necklace: big melodies, memorable choruses and a great vocal performance!" (Myrock, France)

"An album with lots of great songs..." (Aardschok, The Netherlands)

"LACUNA COIL bring a strength and a feeling that you can triumph over the adversity that life throws out at you and reclaim that metaphorical 'Broken Crown Halo'. Add to the mix a more pronounced cinematic feel than ever before and we have ourselves something special." (The Rockpit, Australia)

"'Broken Crown Halo' is a brilliant culmination of all the various genres that make up LACUNA COIL's tremendously unique sound that cannot really be classified into one particular type." (Loud Mag, Australia)

"'Broken Crown Halo' comes with numerous hits, it's grown up and mature, yet still a little innocent. It's fun!" (Rock Hard, Germany)

"A cinematic album and the soundtrack to their lives." (Sonic Seducer, Germany)

"... a really diverse album which is certainly not going to do any harm to the success of the Italians." (Legacy, Germany)

"'Broken Crown Halo' shows LACUNA COIL in a new magnitude and it'll be tough to top them with this album." (Volume, Austria)

"'Broken Crown Halo' easily satisfies the furrowed brow and the aching heart with its evident dark beauty, and should please both existing fans of the band in conjunction with those who fear very little and wish for a new musical adventure." (Screamer Magazine, USA)

"The 'classic' LACUNA COIL sounds combine with a touch of the bottom-end groove that powered 'Karmacode' (2006) and, more noticeably, the knack for catchy hooks that marked both 'Shallow Life' (2009) and 'Dark Adrenaline' (2012). It all adds up to a fairly comprehensive overview of what the band is all about." (Live-Metal, USA)

"'Broken Crown Halo' is an exceedingly strong release from the band. It's adventurous and fresh, whilst still retaining the classic LACUNA COIL 'sound' - and it's ecellent." (Soundscape Magazine, USA)

" ... the synergy between the two vocalists is almost poetic in this track, presenting emotion-evoking tradeoffs." (Metal-Temple, USA)