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22 April 2014
Massacra: "Final Holocaust", "Enjoy The Violence" und "Signs Of The Decline" Re-Releases erscheinen am 30. Mai 2014!
Massacra:  "Final Holocaust", "Enjoy The Violence" und "Signs Of The Decline" Re-Releases erscheinen am 30. Mai 2014!
Am 30. Mai 2014 erscheinen via Century Media Records die ersten drei Alben der legendären, französischen Death/Thrasher MASSACRA als CD, LP und Digital Download. Diese Versionen entstanden in Kooperation mit Gitarrist Jean-Marc Tristani und sind die einzigen offiziellen Varianten dieser essentiellen Alben:

"MASSACRA are proud to present you the official reissues of the first three albums "Final Holocaust" (1990), "Enjoy The Violence" (1991) and "Signs Of The Decline" (1992). Century Media worked hard to add extra value to these releases. The packaging is really nice and you can find lots of extra stuff in there: detailed interviews, tons of rare photos etc! We also wanted to make as much as possible visible of Formosa's excellent artworks, so we scanned the original LPs and came up with designs that fit to the spirit of last year's "Day Of The Massacra" demo compilation. On the CDs you will find some pretty interesting bonus material like an unreleased live show from 1990 from my personal archive, some bootleg tracks plus a rehearsal recording that was previously published with very bad sound and disguised as live tracks with no track-listing. That rehearsal also includes a song ("Cyclone") that has never been re-recorded afterwards. A lot of the material we used was provided by real diehard collectors out there, so a special thanks to them for supporting this project!

As you can see we picked the French national colours for the vinyl. Consider it as an ironic statement, we know where we come from but MASSACRA definitely was not the band to make peace with anyone. Overall these are the definite editions of such albums that hopefully put an end to all the bootlegs and satisfy all the MASSACRA maniacs out there! Enjoy the violence!"

// Jean-Marc Tristani, April 2014

Die Alben wurden von Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Asphyx, Desaster, Darkthrone etc) sorgfältig remastert und die LP-Versionen bieten ein spezielles Vinyl-Mastering, 180g Vinyl, ein 30x30cm großes 4-seitiges LP Booklet, während CD / Digital Download auch noch Bonus Tracks beinhalten und zum Mid-Price erscheinen.

Hier ein Überblick über die unterschiedlichen Vinyl-Formate und Limitierungen:

Final Holocaust:
200 Exemplare - schwarzes Vinyl
400 Exemplare - transparent-blaues Vinyl
400 Exemplare - transparentes Vinyl

Enjoy The Violence:
200 Exemplare - schwarzes Vinyl
400 Exemplare - weißes Vinyl
400 Exemplare - transparentes Vinyl

Signs Of The Decline:
200 Exemplare - schwarzes Vinyl
400 Exemplare - rotes Vinyl
400 Exemplare - transparentes Vinyl

Die CDs kommen jeweils mit einem 24 Seiten starken Booklet und folgender Tracklist (identisch mit Digital Download):

Final Holocaust (re-issue+bonus):
1. Apocalyptic Warriors
2. Researchers Of Tortures
3. Sentenced For Life
4. War Of Attrition
5. Nearer To Death
6. Final Holocaust
7. Eternal Hate
8. The Day Of Massacra
9. Trained To Kill
10. Beyond The Prophecy
11. Researchers Of Tortures (Live in France 1990)
12. War Of Attrition (Live in France 1990)
13. Sentenced For Life (Live in France 1990)
14. Final Holocaust (Live in France 1990)
15. Eternal Hate (Live in France 1990)
16. The Day Of Massacra (Live in France 1990)
Spielzeit: 78+ min

Enjoy The Violence (re-issue+bonus):
1. Enjoy The Violence
2. Ultimate Antichrist
3. Gods Of Hate
4. Atrocious Crimes
5. Revealing Cruelty
6. Full Of Hatred
7. Seas Of Blood
8. Near Death Experience
9. Sublime Extermination
10. Agonizing World
11. Researchers Of Tortures (Rehearsal 1991)
12. Beyond The Prophecy (Rehearsal 1991)
13. Final Holocaust (Rehearsal 1991)
14. Cyclone (Rehearsal 1991)
15. Trained To Kill (Rehearsal 1991)
Spielzeit: 57+ min

Signs Of The Decline (re-issue+bonus):
1. Evidence Of Abominations
2. Defying Man's Creation
3. Baptized In Decadence
4. Mortify Their Flesh
5. Traumatic Paralyzed Mind
6. Excruciating Commands
7. World Dies Screaming
8. Signs Of The Decline
9. Civilization In Regression
10. Full Frontal Assault
11. Gods Of Hate (Live in Germany 1991)
12. Full Of Hatred (Live in Germany 1991)
Spielzeit: 47+ min

Vergesst auch nicht, die im vergangenen Jahr veröffentlichte Demo Compilation "Day Of The Massacra" anzutesten, die es nachwievor unter folgendem Link als LP (schwarzes Vinyl, plus LP Booklet, plus Logo Patch) sowie auf CD zu erwerben gibt:

Macht euch bereit für eine vernichtende Lektion in europäischer Death Metal Geschichte!