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22 April 2014
DAWN - "Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher" and "The Eternal Forest - Demo Years '91-'93" out now in Europe!
 DAWN - "Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher" and "The Eternal Forest - Demo Years '91-'93" out now in Europe!
The eagerly awaited official re-issues of DAWN's classic debut album "Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher" as well as the band's demo material collection "The Eternal Forest - Demo Years '91-'93" are now available in Europe!

The band has reworked the entire layouts, adding unseen photos to the releases as well as refreshing the covers, while consciously staying close to the original versions. The sound of both releases has been carefully remastered by Dan Swanö. The band comments:

"DAWN want to thank Dan Swanö who recorded, mixed the album back in 1994. Dan also helped us remaster the re-issues in November 2013. Check out Dan Swanös legendary guest book from 1994 at: www.unisound.se. Also thanks to Paul Thind of Necropolis Records (RIP) who lit a torch in the darkness 1993 and knew what real metal was. And according to tradition, Century Media Records has taken the torch worldwide and let it burn on!" - DAWN

Both albums have been released as LP (on black & strictly limited colored vinyl), mid-price CD and digital download. Get your copy at: www.smarturl.it/dawnCMD!

DAWN's gigantic masterpiece "Slaughtersun - Crown Of The Triarchy" as well as the legendary Mini-album "Sorgh På Svarte Vingar Fløgh" will be released on June 9th. Preorder options will be announced in early May.

DAWN "Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher" track-listing:
1. Eyesland
2. The Ethereal Forest
3. Diabolical Beauty
4. In The Depths Of My Soul
5. Ginom Rinande Lughier
6. As The Tears Fall
7. Svarter Skiner Sólen
8. Everflaming

DAWN "The Eternal Forest - Demo Years '91-'93" track-listing:
1. In The Depths Of My Soul
2. Incantation Of Unholiness
3. Spawn Of Evil
4. Thirst Of The Dead
5. In The Depths Of My Soul
6. The Eternal Forest
7. As The Tears Fall
8. Thirst Of The Dead
9. Dawn Of Torture

Tracks 1 to 4 are taken from the "Apparition" tape (demo, December 1992)
Tracks 5 to 7 are taken from the "Promotional demo" tape (demo, October 1993)
Tracks 8 and 9 are taken from the "Demo 1" tape (demo, March 1992)

DAWN online: