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09 May 2014
Monuments: reveal "I, The Creator", first track taken from The Amanuensis
Monuments:  reveal "I, The Creator", first track taken from The Amanuensis

Before leaving for their first tour in order to promote their upcoming album MONUMENTShave just launched a brand new track and semi-static clip to go along with it from their upcoming album The Amanuensis.

Please click the following link for "I, The Creator": http://youtu.be/fnvMe0rWI2I

"The Amanuensis", MONUMENTS' sophomore album and follow up to 2012's critically acclaimed "Gnosis", is scheduled for a release on the following dates:

Europe / Australia /NZ: June 23rd, 2014

USA / Canada: July 8th, 2014

"The Amanuensis", at least the title, was inspired by author David Mitchell's novel, "Cloud Atlas". The complex story lines are the perfect analog for MONUMENTS. Musically, the group weave in and out of themes, motifs, and professor-like note calculations with graceful ease. But lyrically "The Amanuensis" comes from a very different place. "The album is about the Samsara cycle," reveals Browne (guitar). "The cyclical existence of life that we are all bound to."

The story of "The Amanuensis" is divided in 11 chapters whose titles read as follows:

1. I, The Creator

2. Origin Of Escape

3. Atlas

4. Horcrux

5. Garden Of Sankhara

6. The Alchemist

7. Quasimodo

8. Saga City

9. Jinn

10. I, The Destroyer

11. Samsara


Chris Barretto - vocals, saxophone

John Browne - guitar

Olly Steele - guitar

Adam Swan - bass

Mike Malyan - drums, samples