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14 May 2014
The Dagger: reveal cover artwork, premiere first track of debut album
The Dagger:  reveal cover artwork, premiere first track of debut album
THE DAGGER, Sweden's rising heavy metal / hard rock force featuring Dismember/Grave/Mangrove musicians, have revealed the cover artwork of their self-titled debut album, which is scheduled to be released all across Europe on June 30th via Century Media Records. "The Dagger" contains ten tracks of finest hard rocking metal, combining outstanding songwriting skills with the untamable power of early 80's NWOBHM and the spirit of epic 70's rock.

Century Media have just launched the album's opening track "Ahead Of You All". So if you are ready to rock, you may want to click here:

YouTube: www.youtu.be
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com

THE DAGGER - "The Dagger" tracklist:
1. Ahead Of You All (4:37)
2. Call Of 9 (4:12)
3. Ballad Of An Old Man (5:26)
4. Skygazer (4:18)
5. Electric Dawn (3:44)
6. 1978 (3:49)
7. Dogs Of Warning (5:55)
8. Nocturnal Triumph (4:23)
9. Inside The Monolithic Dome (5:15)
10. Dark Cloud (2:36)

An earlier version of the album track "Dark Cloud" (released on a 7inch through High Roller Records in summer 2013) can be found here: www.youtube.com

THE DAGGER line-up:
Jani Kataja - vocals
David Blomqvist - guitars
Tobias Cristiansson - bass
Fred Estby - drums

18.-19.09.2014 Stockholm (Schweden) - Close-Up Båten / www.closeupmagazine.net

THE DAGGER online: