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17 June 2014
The Dagger: launches new track, "Skygazer", from upcoming self-titled debut
The Dagger:  launches new track, "Skygazer", from upcoming self-titled debut

Sweden's THE DAGGER has launched another track from their upcoming self-titled debut album, which is to be released on June 30th in Europe and on July 22nd in North America via Century Media Records. While some songs on the album originate from a more heavy metal background, the track "Skygazer" perfectly underlines the hard rock roots of THE DAGGER: https://soundcloud.com/centurymedia/the-dagger-skygazer

For another preview of The Dagger, be sure to listen to the album's first single, "Ahead Of You All". An earlier version of the album track "Dark Cloud" (released on a 7" via High Roller Records in summer 2013) can be heard here.

While THE DAGGER cites legendary acts such as early IRON MAIDEN, DEEP PURPLE, JUDAS PRIEST and RAINBOW as influences, the band's self-titled debut is far more than just a tribute to the past. Containing ten tracks that combine outstanding songwriting skills with the untamable power of early 80's NWOBHM and the spirit of epic 70's rock,The Dagger is a fresh take on old school hard rock / heavy metal from a line-up comprised of members that are or have previously been involved in bands such as DISMEMBER, GRAVE and NECRONAUT.

The Dagger track-listing:

1. Ahead Of You All

2. Call Of 9

3. Ballad Of An Old Man

4. Skygazer

5. Electric Dawn

6. 1978

7. Dogs Of Warning

8. Nocturnal Triumph

9. Inside The Monolithic Dome

10. Dark Cloud

11. Mainline Riders (CD-only bonus track)

THE DAGGER line-up:

Jani Kataja - vocals

David Blomqvist - guitars

Tobias Cristiansson - bass

Fred Estby - drums

THE DAGGER online: