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01 July 2014
The Dagger: album released today, release show in Stockholm
The Dagger:   album released today, release show in Stockholm
The debut album of THE DAGGER has been released today.

Fans of authentic heavy metal and classic rock may check out smarturl.it/thedaggerCMD for the physical copy of their choice.

"The Dagger" is available as a fairly-priced CD Jewelcase (incl. the bonus track "Mainline Riders", a cover version of NWOBHM legend QUARTZ) as well as a cool Gatefold LP with printed inner sleeve and 180gr vinyl and as Digital Album. The LP is available as black vinyl, limited orange vinyl (100x copies via High Roller Records) and limited red vinyl (worldwide limited to 300x copies). A silver vinyl version - worldwide limited to only 100x copies - is exclusively offered at CM Distro. Click the above link and nail down one of these rare pieces from CMR.

A digital copy of the album can be purchased at iTunes, itunes.apple.com/de, or at your preferred download/streaming store.

THE DAGGER are celebrating the release of the album on July 3rd at Bar Brooklyn in Stockholm, Sweden. The entry is free. You will be able to buy t-shirts, albums, patches, singles and see the band perform live.

Excellent reviews in the most important European rock magazines (i.e. "album of the month" in Sweden Rock) as well as the two already released album tracks "Ahead Of You All" and "Skygazer" tolerate no dissent: THE DAGGER celebrate pure heavy metal rock like no other!

"Ahead Of You All": youtu.be
"Ahead Of You All": soundcloud.com
"Skygazer": soundcloud.com

Never doubt the metal!

THE DAGGER - "The Dagger" tracklist:
1. Ahead Of You All (4:37)
2. Call Of 9 (4:12)
3. Ballad Of An Old Man (5:26)
4. Skygazer (4:18)
5. Electric Dawn (3:44)
6. 1978 (3:49)
7. Dogs Of Warning (5:55)
8. Nocturnal Triumph (4:23)
9. Inside The Monolithic Dome (5:15)
10. Dark Cloud (2:36)
11. Mainline Riders (CD-only bonus track)

An earlier version of the album track "Dark Cloud" (released on a 7inch through High Roller Records in summer 2013) can be found here: www.youtube.com

THE DAGGER line-up:
Jani Kataja - vocals
David Blomqvist - guitars
Tobias Cristiansson - bass
Fred Estby - drums

THE DAGGER online:

03.07.2014 Stockholm (Sweden) - Bar Brooklyn (album release show, free entry) www.closeupmagazine.net