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18 August 2014
Dark Fortress: premiere "Chrysalis" from VENEREAL DAWN via NEW NOISE MAGAZINE
Dark Fortress:  premiere "Chrysalis" from VENEREAL DAWN via NEW NOISE MAGAZINE

Formed in the Bavarian foothills when the second wave of black metal had grotesquely clawed out of the grave and into the unforgiving light, DARK FORTRESS benefited from the rotten fruits of right place and right time. For the past two decades, DARK FORTRESS have gone from strength to strength. Across six full-lengths, the Landshut-based sextet stretched the boundaries of black metal, while remaining pure to the tenets of a genre that pivoted (and continues to do so) solely around the axis of the dark and all that resides hideously inside of it.

DARK FORTRESS are now set to release VENEREAL DAWN on September 2 via Century Media Records. You can hear a song from the album streaming now at NEW NOISE Magazine's website.


VENEREAL DAWN track listing:

1. Venereal Dawn

2. Lloigor

3. Betrayal And Vengeance

4. Chrysalis

5. I Am The Jigsaw Of A Mad God

6. The Deep

7. Odem

8. Luciform

9. On Fever's Wings

You can pre-order VENEREAL DAWN here:


Expect epic song structures, mighty sonic cathedrals, virulent and sinister magic and lots of unexpected twists and turns as the bands drags you screaming and headbanging through the abysmal roller coaster of their universe once more.