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05 September 2014
The Haunted: Ola Englund (guitars) launches play-through video of "Time (Will Not Heal)"
The Haunted:  Ola Englund (guitars) launches play-through video of "Time (Will Not Heal)"

Ola Englund, guitarist of Swedish death-thrashers THE HAUNTED, has launched a new play-through video for "Time (Will Not Heal)", one of the singles from the band's new album, Exit Wounds. To watch the video, click the link below:


THE HAUNTED released their 8th full-length, Exit Wounds, this week worldwide via Century Media Records. To purchase Exit Wounds, please visit iTunes for a digital copy or CM Distro for a variety of physical formats and exclusive bundles:

--standard jewelcase CD

--limited edition mediabook CD (incl. 2 bonus tracks and expanded booklet)

--LP / black 180gr. vinyl - unlimited

--LP / white 180gr. vinyl - limited to 100x (exclusive to CM Distro EU)

--LP / transparent red 180gr. vinyl - limited to 200x (exclusive to CM Distro USA)

--LP / clear 180gr. vinyl - limited to 100x (exclusive to Nuclear Blast EU)

--boxset - limited to 500x hand-numbered worldwide (exclusive to CM Distro; contains the mediabook CD, a beanie, a patch, 3 buttons and a poster)

For a preview of Exit Wounds, be sure to listen to the album in its entirety at Revolver Mag.com: http://www.revolvermag.com/?p=64796

THE HAUNTED also recently launched a video clip for the album track "Cutting Teeth", which was directed by Jakob Arevärn (Arevarnfilm / www.arevarn.se): http://youtu.be/RN7HMG4tVI0

Exit Wounds track-listing:

1. 317

2. Cutting Teeth

3. My Salvation

4. Psychonaut

5. Eye Of The Storm

6. Trend Killer**

7. Time (Will Not Heal)

8. All I Have

9. Temptation

10. My Enemy

11. Kill The Light

12. This War

13. Infiltrator

14. Ghost In The Machine

**=features special guests Jed Simon (SCAR THE MARTYR / STRAPPING YOUNG LAD; lead guitars) and Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT; vocals)

The two exclusive bonus tracks featured on the mediabook CD edition are "As The Poison Sets In" and "The Manifestation".

Featuring artwork by Andreas "Diaz" Pettersson (who designed the band's first four releases, as well as their iconic logo), Exit Wounds is an unmistakable return to form for THE HAUNTED. The album sees a revamped line-up that includes founding members Jonas Björler (bass) and Jensen (guitars) teaming up with former members Adrian Erlandsson (drums) and Marco Aro (vocals), together with newest member Ola Englund (guitars). From the merciless triple punch in the face that is the opening section with "Cutting Teeth" , "My Salvation" and "Psychonaut", to the rhythmical riff-fest that are "Eye Of The Storm", "Trend Killer" and "Time (Will Not Heal)", over to the chunky melodic groove of tracks like "All I Have" and trademark thrash-pieces like "Temptation", "Kill The Light" and "Infiltrator", via the pulverizing heaviness of "This War" and the one-minute fury of "My Enemy", up to the epic ending with the broad "Ghost In The Machine", Exit Wounds contains the full spectrum of artillery that a modern extreme metal band can possibly showcase.

THE HAUNTED line-up:

Marco Aro - vocals

Jensen - guitars

Ola Englund - guitars & solo guitars

Jonas Bjorler - bass

Adrian Erlandsson - drums