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22 September 2014
Amulet: AMULET's debut album "The First" released today!
Amulet:  AMULET's debut album "The First" released today!
The long-awaited debut album of London's finest heavy metal band is out! AMULET's "The First" is one fine piece of masterfully crafted rock music with the brawling street spirit of the heydays of British heavy metal.

"What AMULET deliver [...] is something more than music. It's the honest spirit of Heavy Metal", says the promo sheet. Sounds like the typical label talk, but in the case of AMULET it hits the nail right on the head. [...] Especially the up-tempo tracks like "Evil Cathedral", "Bloody Night", "Mark Of Evil", "Wicked n' Cruel" or "Trip Forever" bring tears of joy to your eyes. But also the more anthemic, more solemn material is equally convincing [...] The old school character gets underlined by two consecutive instrumental tracks, one outro on side A and one intro on side B. You only do that on a CD if you come from the vinyl world. Check it out. Buy it. Period."
15/15 points LEGACY magazine
"The First" is available on LP (gatefold cover, fold-out inlay, heavy vinyl), CD and as digital download. Get to the record store/mailorder of your choice or check out one of the below sellers of "The First" and order your copy of the album today:

CM Distro EU: smarturl.it/AmuletCMDistro
CM Distro US: smarturl.it/HRR_preorder
Amazon (UK): smarturl.it/AmuletAmazonUK
Amazon: smarturl.it/Amazon_Amulet

People of Great Britain, listen! If you cannot find the LP version of "The First" at your usual mailorder, order your copy directly from the band. Just send an email to: [email protected]
Limited colored vinyl can be exclusively purchased at CM Distro US (transparent-blue vinyl, limited to 100 copies) and Highroller Records (clear vinyl, limited to 100 copies). Be quick.

"The First" LP tracklist:

Side 1
1. Evil Cathedral
2. Glint Of The Knife
3. The Gauntlet
4. Bloody Night
5. Heathen Castle
6. The Flight

Side 2
1. Talisman
2. The Sacrifice
3. Mark Of Evil
4. Wicked 'n Cruel
5. Black Candle
6. Trip Forever
7. Nightmare

The CD version of "The First" includes a cover version of Coven's "Wicked Woman" as bonus.

Don't forget to check out the brand new song "Mark Of Evil" of AMULET at Soundcloud:

Or buy "The First" and/or AMULET's great heavy metal compilation "Well 'Eavy" including "Mark Of Evil" amongst other great tracks of bands like Ranger, Watcher, Flight, Ascalon, The Dagger and more:

Amulet line-up:
Jamie Elton - vocals
Heathen Steven - guitar
Nippy Blackford - guitar
Bill Dozer - bass
Dave Sherwood on Drums - drums

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