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20 January 2015
NecroWretch: pre-order for new album "With Serpents Scourge" has started
NecroWretch:  pre-order for new album "With Serpents Scourge" has started
Order of the Antichrist ...

NECROWRETCH's new album "With Serpents Scourge" can be pre-ordered as of now. CM Distro offers the album as fairly priced CD Jewelcase and on 180 g vinyl incl. A3 poster.

CM Distro

Beware! There is an exclusive LP version on dark-green vinyl on sale! This version is worldwide limited to only 100 copies. Be quick or burn in everlasting fire.

Possessed by Satan and with urge to deliver one of the most blasphemous albums ever recorded on French soil, NECROWRETCH channeled all their sinister powers and spewed out nine tracks dripping of utter blasphemy, depravity and vileness that have no equal. The album was mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony (Necrophobic, Dissection, Asphyx, Necros Christos and many more).

If you haven't listened to the two new tracks, "Feast Off Their Doom" and "Even Death May Die", you can check them out here:

Feast Off Their Doom

Even Death May Die

Open the gates of Hell and join the black death communion ...

"With Serpents Scourge" track listing:
1. Black Death Communion
2. Feast Off Their Doom
3. With Serpents Scourge
4. By Evil And Beyond
5. The Bells Of Evil Schism
6. He Thrones On Thy Sins
7. Even Death May Die
8. Infernal Imprecation
9. Mortem Ritu

Vlad - guitars, vocals
Amphycion - bass
Ilmar - drums