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05 January 2016
Asphyx: Working on new album; Latin America video posted; New tourdates!
Asphyx:  Working on new album; Latin America video posted; New tourdates!
ASPHYX - Working on new album; Latin America video posted

After returning from a highly successful tour of Latin America, Dutch Doom Death Metal pioneers ASPHYX continue working on new material to finally follow up their latest studio album release, "Deathhammer", from 2012.

Vocalist Martin van Drunen checked in with the following status report:

"ASPHYX recently ended a small tour throughout Latin America, which was the first tour of the band for over 20 years. We performed in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paolo, Curitiba, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, San Jose and Medellin. Thanks to all local promoters and venues, D-19 and especially our dedicated and insane fans it became a fantastic experience we'll never forget and a great success for ASPHYX. So a massive "cheerz a lot!" to everybody in making this possible and all the hordes that came to support the band. So many stories to tell, so many great times and shows we had. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia; all you crazy metal heads can be proud of your countries and continent where death metal is so very much alive. It was indeed Death... The Brutal Way! And let's hope ASPHYX can return in the near future!

In January 2016 ASPHYX will hit the rehearsal room to finish composing and arranging the final pieces for the follow up of Deathhammer. And then hit the studio for the primary recordings, which will also feature Stefan 'Tormentor' Hueskens on drums for the very first time. So we start the new year off promising and 2016 will definitely see another brutal ASPHYX album in our own particular style."

A highly entertaining video with impressions from the Latin American run has now been posted online here: