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27 January 2016
Periphery: "Periphery II" and "Clear EP" out NOW!
Periphery:  "Periphery II" and "Clear EP" out NOW!
Two essential releases by one of the most renowned modern prog/metal acts have just been released for the first time on vinyl in Europe! 2012's "Periphery II" and 2014's "Clear EP" are available as stunning vinyl editions including special vinyl mastering for an audiophile listening experience as well as classy packaging.

The 2016 "Periphery II" 2LP edition comes with 2 bonus tracks incl. the Slipknot-cover "The Heretic Anthem" on 180g vinyl, in a matte-finished gatefold sleeve with a spot UV print over highlighted art parts. Furthermore, the entire album is included on CD as well. It is available on black vinyl and transparent red vinyl, the latter being limited to 100 copies (exclusive to CM Distro Europe)!

2014's "Clear EP" is offered in an almost entirely transparent design: A clear 12inch 180g vinyl housed in a transparent PVC sleeve, with lyrics printed on the back side and the band's trademark swirls on the front. It is strictly limited to 1.500 copies! By the way, if you can't tell both vinyl sides apart due to the intentionally identical label, check each side's inner ring...

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Enjoy these prog/metal milestones!