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02 September 2016
Heaven Shall Burn: launch lyric video for "Bring The War Home"
Heaven Shall Burn:  launch lyric video for "Bring The War Home"
HEAVEN SHALL BURN have just launched "Bring The War Home", a band-new track and lyric video taken from their upcoming album, "Wanderer", which is due for a worldwide release on September 16th, 2016.
Check out "Bring The War Home" here: https://youtu.be/Ed5CqrVS7ok

Their upcoming club tour was sold out within 24 hours. Just a few tickets are available for Aarau.

»Wanderer Club Tour«
15.09.16 (DE) Jena - F-Haus - sold out! **
16.09.16 (DE) Berlin - Kesselhaus der Kulturbrennerei (Metal Hammer Awards 2016) - sold out!
17.09.16 (DE) Chemnitz - AJZ - sold out! **
18.09.16 (DE) Essen - Zeche Carl - sold out! *
19.09.16 (DE) Cologne - Gebäude 9 - sold out! *
20.09.16 (DE) Frankfurt - Zoom - sold out!*
21.09.16 (DE) Hamburg - Knust - sold out! *
22.09.16 (DE) Munich - Ampere - sold out! *
23.09.16 (AT) Vienna - Szene - sold out! *
24.09.16 (CH) Aarau - Kiff
25.09.16 (DE) Freiburg - Crash - sold out! *
* w/ Deathrite
** w/ Décembre Noir

The following formats of "Wanderer" are available:
Ltd. Deluxe 3CD Artbook
Ltd. 2CD Mediabook
Ltd. 2CD Digipak (North America only)
Standard CD Jewelcase
Gatefold 2LP+CD
Digital Album (Deluxe Edition)
Digital Album
The Ltd. 2CD Mediabook and Ltd. 2CD Digipak (North America only) both come with an extended 40-pages booklet.
The "Too Good To Steal From" bonus CD compiles all of the cover versions HEAVEN SHALL BURN had ever recorded since signing with Century Media Records.
The luxurious coffee table Artbook comes with an extended 60-page booklet as well as the "Too Good To Steal From" CD. On top of all that, fans get an alternative mix, entitled the "Dark Purity Mix", of all original songs done by Eike Freese at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg.

You can preorder "Wanderer" here:
CM Distro (incl. ltd. clear vinyl): http://smarturl.it/WandererCMD
Impericon: http://smarturl.it/HSB-wanderer
EMP: "Wanderer" http://smarturl.it/jqhviy band-brand http://smarturl.it/xjqq3c

If you preorder the digital version of "Wanderer" on iTunes or Amazon, you get access to the song "Downshifter":
Check out a semi-static clip for "Downshifter" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqpgk3ekodo&feature=youtu.be