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19 September 2016
Dark Fortress: to release "Eidolon" and "Ylem" on vinyl in October! Pre-order now!
Dark Fortress:  to release "Eidolon" and "Ylem" on vinyl in October! Pre-order now!
Century Media Records have teamed up with guitarist and producer V Santura (Triptykon) as well as vocalist Morean to create a series of DARK FORTRESS vinyl editions to be continued in 2017 and going all the way back to their debut "Tales from Eternal Dusk" (2001). First up are the first-ever vinyl editions of "Eidolon" (2008) and "Ylem" (2010), which will be released on October 14th, 2016!

V Santura comments:
"We are very pleased to finally release our albums "Eidolon" and "Ylem" on vinyl! It has been more than 8 years since the release of "Eidolon"... I still love the album, and also in retrospective there is not much I would like to change about it. However, over the years I felt that the low end frequency range of the album mix sounded a hair too thin to me, something was missing... Now, having the chance to revisit the album for a new release, I took the chance and adjusted that little issue for the vinyl. I did not want to lose the "coldness" of the album, as this is an essential aspect of the music, by adding more "warmth", but it simply needed more balls!

Also for "Ylem" I made a dedicated vinyl master. As opposed to "Eidolon", I had the wish that the low end would have been slightly more "tight" in the first place. I think the album sounds quite good on most audio playback systems anyway, but on certain, particularly bassy speakers I had the feeling that especially the bass drum was a bit too boomy down below, kind of blowing the speakers. I also think that this should be fixed now with the vinyl edition. So, all in all, these vinyl releases are not simply the CD versions on LPs, but underwent a subtle, but pleasing sound update.

Also worth mentioning: This time the lyrics on "Ylem" are actually legible ;-)"
-V. Santura

Both albums come housed in uncoated gatefold sleeves, feature 180 gram vinyl, 4c labels, and are available in the following colours and limitations:

Gatefold black LP
Gatefold clear LP - limited to 100 copies
Gatefold silver LP - limited to 200 copies

Gatefold black 2LP
Gatefold clear 2LP - limited to 100 copies
Gatefold dark green 2LP - limited to 200 copies

Pre-order your copy of these black metal monuments via CMDistro.com NOW!

You can order all vinyls except the ultra-limited clear LPs directly from the band as well!