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23 January 2017
Body Count: Preview "No Lives Matter" Video
Body Count:  Preview "No Lives Matter" Video
BODY COUNT is proud to unveil a preview of the video for "No Lives Matter," set to premiere February 17 -- stay tuned!

Filmed in L.A. it represents the first look and listen at BODY COUNT's new album, Bloodlust, coming March 31.

Ice-T and co-founder/lead guitarist Ernie C have perfected their mix of thrash, punk and bottom heavy doom across five albums -- next stop, Bloodlust. This is abrasive, in-your-face heavy metal.

Prepare for Impact!

Ice- T states: "With our last album Manslaughter, we tested the waters and got a great response from the fans and critics. Now it’s time to go kill it and make a more aggressive album and keep the BODY COUNT style intact."