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21 March 2017
The Lurking Fear : Sign worldwide deal with Century Media Records; First live shows!
The Lurking Fear :  Sign worldwide deal with Century Media Records; First live shows!
Something is lurking in the shadows...

The newly launched Swedish Death Metal group The Lurking Fear has signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records and is currently working on their debut album, expected to be released later this year.

Composed of members/ex-members of illustrious and influential acts like At The Gates, The Haunted, Skitsystem, Disfear or God Macabre, The Lurking Fear are not just another retro all-star project, but a real band of five Death Metal lifers, who organically got together in order to celebrate the Metal breed closest to their roots as well as their hearts.

The Lurking Fear are (left to right on photo):
Adrian Erlandsson - Drums
Andreas Axelson - Bass
Tomas Lindberg - Vocals
Fredrik Wallenberg - Guitars
Jonas Stålhammar - Guitars

The Lurking Fear checked in with the following comment:

"We are a Death Metal band. Not your average new wave of old school Death Metal band. We play Death Metal from the heart with pure emotional impact and a focused artistic vision. This is the music we live and breathe. Always have, always will.

We have all played in various other bands for over 25 years and we just want to spew out the music that we want to hear. When we get together this is what comes out of naturally, because we share the exact same reference points. We love "Seven Churches" and "Mental Funeral" for the exact same reasons.

We want our Death Metal ugly, twisted and possessed. We miss the urgency, intensity and "realness" in a lot of the modern Death Metal, therefore it is natural for us to stray away from the streamlined sounds of today, but rather focus on bringing sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the table..."

Citing common inspiration by bands like Autopsy, Possessed, early Death, Repulsion, early Morbid Angel, Slaughter, Bathory, early Slayer or also Master/Death Strike, The Lurking Fear are currently working on their debut 7" EP, which is expected to be released in late May (Via newly founded Swedish label Moondawn. Pre-order details soon, limited to 500 copies!), and will then follow up with an album release later in the summer.

The band has also just announced their debut live-shows to be as follow:

12.05.2017 Karlstad (Sweden) - Nöjesfabriken + Merciless & Saint Vitus
13.05.2017 Gothenburg (Sweden) - Sticky Fingers + Merciless
09.-12.08.2017 Josefov (Czech Republic) - Brutal Assault Open Air
11.-13.08.2017 Ieper (Belgium) - Ieper Festival
11.-12.08.2017 Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) - Into The Grave Festival / Aftershow @ Neushoorn
More dates to be announced soon...

Stay tuned for more details on The Lurking Fear soon...