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02 May 2017
Firespawn: new album "The Reprobate" released today!!!!!
Firespawn:  new album "The Reprobate" released today!!!!!
Ascension of the Blood Eagle ....

"The Reprobate", the 2nd album of Sweden's satanic death metal conquerors FIRESPAWN, has been released today!

Order your copy here http://smarturl.it/FirespawnTR

The LP version of "The Reprobate" is available in the following colours:
Black vinyl: unlimited
Dark green vinyl: ltd. to 100 copies, exclusively available at CM Distro Europe --- SOLD OUT!!!
Clear vinyl: ltd. to 200 copies, available at various mailorder stores
Silver vinyl: ltd. to 200 copies, exclusively available at FIRESPAWN's webstore

Don't forget to check out the three previously launched tracks of "The Reprobate":
"Serpent Of The Ocean" (official video): https://youtu.be/Q8EB49PA4lk
"Blood Eagle" (static video): https://youtu.be/Inx_Nfr9QaI
"Death By Impalement" (static video): https://youtu.be/YTEF2i6gK3k

"The Reprobate" tracklist:
1. Serpent Of The Ocean (04:46)
2. Blood Eagle (02:44)
3. Full Of Hate (03:22)
4. Damnatio Ad Bestias (05:10)
5. Death By Impalement (05:29)
6. General's Creed (04:51)
7. The Whitechapel Murderer (03:55)
8. A Patient Wolf (03:42)
9. The Reprobate (04:31)
10. Nightwalkers (04:29)

FIRESPAWN line-up:
LG Petrov - vocals
Fredrik Folkare - guitar
Victor Brandt - guitar
A. Impaler - bass
Matte Modin - drums