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22 September 2017
Grave Pleasures: new video and single for "Joy Through Death" released
Grave Pleasures:   new video and single for "Joy Through Death" released
"... fabulous, catchy tunes full of endtime and love metaphors, and that's exactly what I want to hear!"

GRAVE PLEASURE's new album "Motherblood" is about to be released in one week! Today the brand-new video for "Joy Through Death", the third single of the album, has been launched. Check it out here:

"Joy Through Death" (official video): https://youtu.be/xvdnT4esPzQ

Mat McNerney quotes from The Bhagavad Gita:
"For all things born in truth must die, and out of death in truth comes life. Face to face with what must be, cease thou from sorrow. Invisible before birth are all beings and after death invisible again. They are seen between two unseens. Why in this truth find sorrow? . . . "

"Motherblood" is offered in the following configurations:
• Standard CD Jewelcase
• Ltd. Mediabook (plus bonus track)
• Deluxe LP version (gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, 12-page LP-booklet, CD plus bonus track)
• Digital download/stream

Go to https://gravepleasures.lnk.to/Motherblood to pre-order the album.

"... a magnificent sense pop-music intuition for compelling melodies ..."

The LP version is available in the following vinyl colours:
• Kali Transparent Blue: 100 copies, exclusively available at CM Distro Europe --- SOLD OUT!
• Kali Opaque Blue: 200 copies, exclusively available at UK retailers
• Motherblood Transparent Red: 300 copies, available in the USA through RED
• Motherblood Opaque Red: 200 copies, available at various mailorder stores
• Clear: 200 copies, exclusively sold by the band
• Kali's Weaponry Gold: 200 copies, exclusively available at Nuclear Blast and Levykauppa Äx
"Motherblood" tracklist:
1. Infatuation Overkill (3:05)
2. Doomsday Rainbows (3:41)
3. Be My Hiroshima (3:46)
4. Joy Through Death (3:48)
5. Mind Intruder (3:47)
6. Laughing Abyss (3:35)
7. Falling For An Atom Bomb (3:14)
8. Atomic Christ (4:56)
9. Deadenders (3:55)
10. Haunted Afterlife (3:02)
11. There Are Powers At Work In This World (3:33) [bonus track]

Don't forget to have a look at the previously released videos of "Motherblood":
"Infatuation Overkill" (official video): https://youtu.be/Zr2oG9g22SQ
"Be My Hiroshima" (official video): https://youtu.be/A-OxW0KcyoQ

Mat McNerney - Vocals
Juho Vanhanen - Guitars
Aleksi Kiiskilä - Guitars
Valtteri Arino - Bass
Rainer Tuomikanto - Drums