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31 March 2005
Diecast: Re-release and more
Diecast:  Re-release and more
“Tearing Down Your Blue Skies", DIECAST´s latest album, has taken the European metal and hardcore scene by storm. According to UK’s Metal Hammer the album is "the sound of metalcore exactly as it should be played and begs for superlative terms to describe". But just a few European fans to date had the chance to listen to the band's previous release "Day Of Reckoning", originally released in 2001 on Now Or Never Records (the label that discovered Dillinger Escape Plan, Brand New Sin and more), as it never received an official release or distribution in Europe.

Even though Paul Stoddard has since replaced original vocalist Colin Schleifer, tracks like "Singled Out", "Disrepair" or "Solace" are still part of today's set list and raise a wild mosh-pit every evening.

Produced by Paul Trust at Dungeon Recording Studio (New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional) in Miami, the album brilliantly gives voice to DIECAST’s genre-bending, crossover cacophony of powerhouse riffs, breakdowns and vocal hooks. To step it up even more, the intensity of Schliefer’s vocals are given ballast by the fact that he wrote all the lyrics on songs that range from the personal to the political. “I can’t sing about what I don’t know about. I need to feel it, otherwise it’s contrived, and gratuitous.” He added that, along with primary writing partner Jonathan Kita – who weighs in on the riffs -- “We try to make each song sound completely different.”

DIECAST just finished their first European tour supporting Agnostic Front and got an amazing feedback. They will come back in June / July 2005 with Napalm Death and Most Precious Blood. Check tourdates on http://www.centurymedia.de

1. Intro (1:06)
2. Disrepair (3:54)
3. In the Shocks (3:50)
4. Singled Out (3:30)
5. Plague (4:04)
6. Exacting My Revenge (4:19)
7. Remember the Fallen (5:43)
8. Desensitized (4:01)
9. Invent the Truth (5:09)
10. Solace (6:01)
11. Day of Reckoning (5:14)
(Finished product will include the bonus track "Peacemaker" from the album "Undo The Wicked" + live videos)

Colin Schleifer - vocals (replaced by Paul Stoddard in 2004)
Jeremy Wooden - bass
Jonathon Kita – guitar
Kirk Kolaitis - guitar
Jason Costa – drums

Official Website: http://www.bhcdiecast.com