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29 October 2002
Bloodbath: BLOODBATH
Bloodbath:  BLOODBATH
Roooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!! Just two years ago the Swedish Death Metal "all-star" project BLOODBATH, featuring Mikael Äkerfeldt (Opeth), Anders Nyström (Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade), Jonas Renske (Katatonia, October Tide) and Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale) presented their debut EP "Breeding Death" and the whole Death Metal community were grinning maliciously. But finally, their first full-length album "Resurrection Through Carnage" is now upon us, and the quartet have obliterated all expectations.

We could tell you quite a lot about this old-school juggernaut, but these quotes from forthcoming German magazines say it better than we ever could:

"The Death Metal highlight of the year." Metal Heart 10 / 10 points

"A must have for every collection of Swedish Death! Simple, brutal and 100 % effective!" Heavy oder was?! 11 / 12 points

"What a Massacre! What catchy songs! What huge production!"
Rock Hard 9 / 10 points

"A real celebration for the fellowship of old school, dark Death Metal tunes like Six Feet Under, Bolt Thrower or Unleashed."

"The track 'Death Delirium' could easily have appeared on CLANDESTINE"
Hammer 6 / 7 points

We think we might just be on to something special here...

"Resurrection Through Carnage" will be available in Europe on November 25th, but if you can't wait to hear what you'll be getting yourself into, listen to "Ways To The Grave" on this CMR site!