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10 December 2003
Flowing Tears: drummer stefan badly injured
Flowing Tears:  drummer stefan badly injured
Unfortunately we have some bad news regarding FLOWING TEARS: During a show of drummer Stefan Gemballa’s and guitarist Benjamin Buss’ rockband Red Aim the band was involved in an accident that forced FLOWING TEARS to cancel their show during the Rockanova “Cold Winter Steel” party in the Kalkscheune, Berlin on Friday, December 12th, 2003. A few words from the band about what happened:
“Stefan was hit in the head and badly injured by a falling drum-monitor during a gig on December 6th. Even though he was taken to hospital and treated immediately his condition got worse during the past few days. Apart from a laceration and a severe concussion he cannot see properly by now, which might be caused by a slight haemorrhage right at the cerebral membrane. The doctors told him that he must stay in bed and rest at least for the next ten days. Due to this reason we had to cancel the semi-acoustic show in Berlin December 12th. By the way, it was the first time during our eight-year band-history that we ever had to cancel a show. Anything else would have been irresponsible. Stefan’s health is most important right now and we are very happy that nothing worse has happened. We wish Stefan all the best and will keep you updated on .”

Of course the whole Century Media crew wishes Stefan a quick recovery, too!
The show would not only have been one of the rare occasions to check out atmospheric and semi-acoustic versions of FLOWING TEARS’ songs, but also the first opportunity to hear songs from their upcoming album and debut of new vocalist Helen Vogt, “Razorbliss”. Unfortunately, since Benjamin was also planned for the musical background for the special guest-appearance of TIAMAT’s mastermind Johan Edlund it won’t be possible to perform this project on this occasion. Well, maybe soon…

Luckily MERCURY TIDE, the band around Angel Dust-singer Dirk Thurisch stepped in spontaneously and - apart from two surprise-tracks - will play songs from their debut-album “Why?” unplugged. A fitting substitute, as FLOWING TEARS’ Stefan Gemballa recorded the drums for “Why?”. MERCURY TIDE’s line-up for this evening will be: Dirk Thurisch (vocals and acoustic guitar), Dennis Riehle (keyboards), Florian Erhart (acoustic guitar) and Daniel Busche (acoustic bass) from Mourning Caress as well as Robert Jöcks (drums).
Thus, there is no reason why you should not enjoy a metallic party-night in Berlin. More infos about the event which is sponsored by http://whisky-soda.de, Uni Radio 87,9, onyx.tv, Hammer Magazine and http://wallsoffire.de you can find at http://rockanova.de
http://flowingtears.de http://mercury-tide.de