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14 January 2004
Chaosbreed: All-Star-Old-School Death Metal
Chaosbreed:  All-Star-Old-School Death Metal
Finland's new All-Star-Old-School Death Metal band CHAOSBREED inks deal with Century Media Records!

Still struck with awe and bleeding from the ears, we are just recovering from the phonetic assault of our latest signing: The mighty CHAOSBREED from Finland!

Drummer Nalle Österman (ex-Gandalf), bassist Oppu Laine (ex-Amorphis, Mannhai), guitarist Marko Tarvonen (Moonsorrow), guitarist Esa Holopainen (Amorphis) as well as vocalist Taneli Jarva (The Black League, ex-Sentenced) collaborated under the banner of CHAOSBREED to terrorize the listener once more with the TRUE, old school concept of brutal Scandinavian Death Metal! Entombed members Uffe Cederlund and Jörgen Sandström nod with approval and have additionally contributed guest lead guitars and background growls to this release for maximum brutality...

This debut album, recorded and mixed at CCPC studio with producers Santeri Kallio and Niclas Etelävuori as well as mastered at the traditionally high-quality Finnvox Studios, is entitled "Brutal", (yes, pun intended!) and will be unleashed upon European crowds by April 26th, 2004 via Century Media Records!

But we better let the band do some evil talk by themselves:

"We are very enthusiastic about collaborating with one of the biggest record companies within the metal genre. As the name Century Media is very much associated with quality due to its merits, we are very happy and proud of this contract. We wish that this partnership is fruitful for both parties concerned."

As special advance teaser, you will also be able to find the album's track "Moralized" on the upcoming 4th part of the "In The Eyes Of Death" 2-CD extreme Metal Compilation, to be released January 26th, 2004.

Be prepared, for CHAOSBREED will surely take you back "Before The Creation Of Time" - the deadly glorious early 90's are BACK!


Tracklist CHAOSBREED - "Brutal" CD:
European Street Date: April 26th, 2004

1. Wretched Life (3.26)
2. Casket Ride (3.48)
3. Faces of Death (3.43)
4. Moralized (4.14)
5. Rotting Alive (4.06)
6. Demon Skunk (5.55)
7. Shitgrinder (1.37)
8. Symptoms of the Flesh (3.36)
9. F/C/D/C (3.27)
10. An evil Eye (6.31)
11. Rotting Alive (Bonus Live-Clip CDR Enhancement) *
12. F/C/D/C (Bonus Live-Clip CDR Enhancement) *

* Recorded Live at Tavastia Club, Helsinki on August 14th, 2003

Photo by Mahla Möilanen