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28 January 2004
Flowing Tears: New album "Razorbliss" out March 22nd 2004
Flowing Tears:  New album "Razorbliss" out March 22nd 2004
It seems that Helen, who replaced Stephanie Duchene on the vacant vocalists position, did not only brought some fresh air into the band, but also triggered the somewhat heavier edge in FLOWING TEARS' music. Whatsoever - the new album which was engineered by long term producer Waldemar Sorychta (Tiamat, Lacuna Coil a.o.), seriously kicks a lot more ass than the five previous ones .

"It was like we've never rehearsed with someone else" guitarist Benjamin Buss tells us about their new singer. "With Helen it just clicked, it was pure magic! She really kicked our butts."

Draped in atmospheric artwork which adds the optic aspect to the musically interpreted eternal circle of life and decay, the new album "Razorbliss" should easily secure a space in heart and soul of every FLOWING TEARS-Fan and also of everyone who loves emotional Rock Music.


Helen Vogt - vocals
Benjamin Buss - guitars
Frederic Lesny - bass
Stefan Gemballa - drums

FLOWING TEARS Razorbliss tracklist:

1. Razorbliss (3.18)
2. Believe (3.49)
3. Virago (3.58)
4. Undying (3.44)
5. Radium Angel (3.32)
6. Firedream (3.35)
7. Ballad Of A Lonely God (3.35)
8. Snakes Of Grey (3.33)
9. Mine Is The Ocean (3.46)
10. Maladine (3.11)
11. Unspoken (3.57)
12. Pitch Black Water (4.54)

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photo by Manuela Meier