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10 August 2005
Diecast: Tour report!
Diecast:  Tour report!
After finishing their European tour with British “Gods of Grind” Napalm Death DIECAST vocalist Paul Stoddard reports in with his personal feedback on the fans’ reaction on the Metalcore-hopefuls from the US:

“Hey friends. Thanks to you guys, it was another amazing tour in Europe. We made alot of new friends on this tour as well as saw alot of old friends. I also want to thank Do Or Die, End Of Days, and most of all Napalm Death and their crew. When you have three bands on a bus at the same time alot could happen to make it become a reality show gone wrong. Instead, it was one huge chaotic party on wheels. Alot of screaming, alot of drinking, and alot of DIO!!! This tour was loaded with good times. I remember the insanity of Trier, Germany. The whole front row was DIECAST shirts as well as many through the crowd and everyone was screaming for different songs as well as singing them, there is no better feeling than that! Then there was the time we played the fortress in Serbia. We played in a huge moat on a giant stage with crazy lights and at least 5000 insane people, Fucking Sick! Of course how could I forget Darmstadt, Germany. Without a doubt the hottest show we've ever played. It was 150 degrees Fahrenheight (around 65 degrees Celsius) on that stage (NO LIE). The poor drummer, Frank from End Of Days collapsed from heat exhaustion. Everyone stuck it out! The bands and most of all the fans. I could go on about how great this tour was but it would take another seven weeks. I’m proud to say Europe has really accepted DIECAST and taken us under their wing. Thanks so fucking much, and we can't wait to come back and rip it up in Jan./Feb. and headline our first tour in Europe. Thanks alot guys and we’ll see you soon. Your Friend, Paul (DIECAST)

Official website: http://www.bhcdiecast.com