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16 November 2005
Heaven Shall Burn: new guitarist, last show with old line-up
Heaven Shall Burn:  new guitarist, last show with old line-up
After Alexander Dietz already played guitar for **HEAVEN SHALL BURN** during the Hell On Earth tour it’s official: Long-time guitarist Patrick Schleitzer has decided to leave the band - enter Alexander Dietz: “We’re sad to announce the departure of our guitarist and dear friend Patrick. Patrick has been a part of **HEAVEN SHALL BURN** for more than seven awesome years, he’ll always remain a member of the **HEAVEN SHALL BURN** family and we thank him for the great times we had together - we will always remember the party-trips to Athens, the nude photo shoot in front of the frozen waterfall in Iceland or the soccer match in Brazil, hahahaha!!! No need to say that we wish Patrick all the best for his final year at university and the new horizons he’s gonna conquer. Here is a statement from him: “The decision was not an easy one, but I simply don’t have the time a band like **HEAVEN SHALL BURN** needs. I’m about to get my university degree and decided to invest all my energy in my studies. Furthermore personal reasons, that I rather don’t go in too deeply, were part of the decision making progress. The past 7 years have been times that I’ll always hold dearly. We have achieved a lot, went through a lot and had tons of fun. I’m proud to be a part of it. Right now I’d like to thank everybody who supported me and **HEAVEN SHALL BURN** over all those years and who became friends. I’m wishing the rest of the guys just the very best for the years ahead. I’m thanking Eric, Maik, Matthias and Markus for the friendship and the great times, Stefan, Silke and Benny from Lifeforce, everybody at Century Media as well as all the bands and people I met during my time with **HEAVEN SHALL BURN**. Also, I’m very happy that Alex, a good mate and friend of **HEAVEN SHALL BURN**, will take over my part. Of course I will not stop playing music. Nothing is 100% certain yet, but there are lots of new ideas. Keep your eyes and ears open, see you soon.” (Patrick) We have respect for his decision and totally understand his reasons. We’re gonna miss you!!! **HEAVEN SHALL BURN** will play a special farewell-show with Patrick on November 18th in Saalfeld (Germany). We’ll also use that night to introduce our new guitarist Alex - more about him soon! Please come out and help to make this an unforgettable night for Pat! More info on that night: [http://www.klubhaus-saalfeld.de](http://www.klubhaus-saalfeld.de) (**HEAVEN SHALL BURN**) Sometimes it’s time to move on, even though everybody at Century Media will miss Patrick as well. Still, we are happy to welcome Alex who already proved to be a great guitarist and addition to **HEAVEN SHALL BURN**. Don’t miss Patrick’s final show with **HEAVEN SHALL BURN** who’ll share the same stage with Endstand, Black Friday 29, The Hurt Process, Ira, Revenge Falls and Kaput Krauts that night. [http://www.heavenshallburn.com](http://www.heavenshallburn.com)