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05 December 2005
Cronian: Signed to Century Media Records
Cronian:  Signed to Century Media Records

We are proud to announce that CRONIAN have officially signed a worldwide record deal with Century Media Records. After several rounds of discussions we inked a 3 record deal which both parties feel comfortable with.

CRONIAN is a duo consisting of Vintersorg and Øystein G. Brun. Already back in 1999 we had plans to do a project together, something beside respective bands like Vintersorg and Borknagar. The idea floated around for a few years in our minds, but in 2002 we started the actual process of constructing a musical expression, then under the name Ion. We had a mutual agreement to only proceed with the band if we managed to establish a unique and original sound. That’s what we have done and that’s what we prepare to show the world....

The debut album will be released early next year, a more specific date will be announced soon. The title of the album will be “Terra” and the album will contain 9 songs. Some song titles are: “Cronian”, “The Alp”, “Iceolated” and “Nonexistence”. The nature of the music is cold, atmospheric (eerie!) and catchy. So beware!

At www.cronian.com you will find all the latest news and updates available. The site is temporary but will be upgraded with new design, photos, bio etc. in near future. Keep posted....

Sincerely, THE CRONIANS (Vintersorg and Øystein G. Brun)