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08 September 2006
Stampin Ground: The greatest underdog story of UK metal is back for one final round!
Stampin Ground:  The greatest underdog story of UK metal is back for one final round!
After over a decade of treading the boards 'British Steel' veterans STAMPIN' GROUND have released the dates of their last EVER tour.

SG tells it how it is:
“We slogged our hearts out for 11 years; harder than any band we’ve ever met, and we loved every minute of it. It’s been the greatest ride and we’re proud to have been part of it, but all good things come to an end and so has SG. This has nothing to do with musical differences, personal stuff or any other lame ass excuse you've heard a million times, truth is we just feel the time is right to hang it up. We never set out to win the world title, we just wanted to go the distance for 15 rounds and get some good punches in”

Here’s a few words from frontman Adam Frakes-Sime (vocals):
“On behalf of Stampin’ Ground I’d like to extend thanx to all the great bands we've shared stages with, anyone who's given us a floor to crash on, those who've fought our corner at Century Media, Ex SG members Ian & Ade (now of Suicide Watch) and of course to all those who've bought our records and come to see us play. To celebrate the last 11 years of Stampin’ Ground we've lined up a few shows, playing live has always been what SG's about and we'll be using these shows to reinforce the SG legacy.”

Scott Atkins (guitar) tells us more about life after SG:
“SG were always the underdog, striving against the odds, it’s what kept us going.
It will come as no surprise that the majority of SG still has a foothold in UK metal. Ben Frost has taken to the role of manager for CINDERS FALL as well as running his own promo company for struggling UK talent FROSTBITE PROMOTIONS. Adam is recording with his new project BREEDAPART; he cant wait to get back to the stench of piss of those filthy bars and clubs we’ve been playing for the last decade. I now run my own studio, GRINDSTONE, where UK bands (Denounce, Archaian, Uncerta, Fallout) get pulled into shape without being ripped off and end up sounding like shit for the privilege.”

Jens Prueter / Century Media Records Europe:
"Stampin' Ground was one of the leading European hardcore bands combining the energy of hardcore with the musical heaviness of metal. They developed their style long time before it became fashionable in today's metalcore scene and earn our biggest respect for staying true over so many years. It was a pleasure for us at Century Media to work with them and we want to wish all current and former band members the best for the future."


15.10.2006 (UK) Manchester, DAMNATION FESTIVAL / Jilly’s Rockworld
26.10.2006 (UK) Newcastle, Trillians Rock Bar
27.10.2006 (UK) Sheffield, The Corporation
28.10.2006 (UK) Merthyr, The Studio Bar
29.10.2006 (UK) London, The Carling Academy Islington

These dates are the last chance that you will see SG in their natural environment. LIVE!