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17 March 2008
Zimmers Hole: New album out now!
Zimmers Hole:  New album out now!
The devil’s favorite sons, ZIMMERS HOLE, celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new full-length “When You Were Shouting At The Devil…We Were In League With Satan”!

With a wicked, twisted sense of humor and an undying love for true metal, guitarist Jed Simon (Tenet, SYL), bass player Byron Stroud (Fear Factory, SYL), vocalist The Heathen, and long-time biggest fan Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, SYL) on drums have delivered a furious metal assault, perfectly produced by the infamous Devin Townsend (Darkest Hour, Lamb of God) and overwhelmingly received by metal media:

Killer! With their third full-length ZIMMERS HOLE is one of the best pure metal-worships ever. If Tenacious D would have the balls and talent to play metal, he would sound like ZIMMERS HOLE.
ROCK HARD (D), soundcheck #4

“When You Were Shouting At The Devil…” doubtlessly is the wet dream of every steadfast metalhead come true! The album contains countless catchy hits every metalfan should check out, no matter if you prefer PRIEST, MAIDEN or even SYL.”
HEAVY (D), album of the month

To get an impression of the album, check out the title track on the band’s official MySpace page (www.myspace.com/zimmershole).A video for the song will also be finished soon.

With a new album in the bag and a newly intense focus, THE HOLE are looking forward to hitting the worldwide roads as a collective. The time has come for those in league with Satan to gather and start praising the unholy ZIMMERS HOLE.