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30 May 2008
Strapping Young Lad: “1994-2006 Chaos Years” Best Of CD+DVD charts in Finland! DVD Trailer available! Devin comments!
Strapping Young Lad:  “1994-2006 Chaos Years” Best Of CD+DVD charts in Finland! DVD Trailer available! Devin comments!
"1994-2006 Chaos Years", the fantastic Best Of set by STRAPPING YOUNG LAD has entered the official Finnish album charts at #32 some weeks ago! Celebrating one of the most innovative metal bands ever, this release contains the legacy of Devin Townsend and his boys Gene Hoglan, Byron Stroud and Jed Simon (now gathered in ZIMMERS HOLE) on a shitstorming 17 track full re-mastered Best Of CD plus a 100 minutes long DVD containing the entire Download UK Festival show from 2006 (42 minutes), rare live footage, all promo clips and the brand-new "Almost Again" video. The booklet features linernotes from Devin Townsend, track-by-track comments from all band members and rare photos. “1994-2006 Chaos Years” is also available as limited collectors edition in special DVD+CD packaging + poster!

A new trailer for the included DVD has been posted at the band’s newly redesigned official MySpace page along with various classic STRAPPING YOUNG LAD songs for your daily dose of manic metal, so make sure you pay a visit to http://www.myspace.com/strappingyounglad

"STRAPPING YOUNG LAD was an incredible band with amazing fans, along with a really great crew of folks that made the whole thing run. I feel honored and blessed to have been involved with it and I hope that the future generations of extreme metal bands will look back on it, enjoy what we did, and maybe take it to the next level.
In the 12 years that the band operated, we saw the best and the worst the industry had to offer... from 2 month tours in the winter with no money in a beat up van (you know the type), to summer festival tours playing to tens of thousands of people in the nicest busses available. We really covered the gamut. We played a barn in Carmel Saskatchewan to 12 people, and were the only Western band to play the 2002 World Cup in Korea, televised to 3 million viewers. We toured Australia 7 times, with a few mindblowing trips to Japan as well. From the inaugural 'Sounds Of The Underground' tour in America, we also played many many shows in Europe, touring with every elite metal band of the time. The main festivals throughout Europe also saw SYL pummel our way into the hearts of many while playing Wacken, With Full Force, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park and Dynamo. The SYL experience extended straight through to 2006, where we played a main stage slot at the incredible 'Download Festival' in the UK, as well as our final appearances on the Ozzfest second stage in the USA.
SYL recorded 6 albums, five studio albums and a live album, as well as the full length DVD, 'For Those Aboot To Rock'. We filmed 7 videos and we were lucky enough to grow through the decade with the elite metal force of Century Media Records, who showed an immense amount of loyalty and support that we are very grateful for. Our management team at Outerloop management kicked all manner of ass for us, and we basically lived out every heavy metal fantasy a band can ask for.
1994-2006 Chaos Years is a celebration of the STRAPPING YOUNG LAD legacy. It includes what we think is a good cross section of our material that we think will provide a good idea of what the music stood for and how it naturally evolved through the decade. Also included are all of our videos, as well as the new, never before seen, video for 'Almost Again' from our last studio album. Finally... the entire Download Festival performance is included here to demonstrate STRAPPING YOUNG LAD at the top of our game.
So from Devin, Gene, Jed and Byron...the lads ourselves...we humbly thank each and every fan for an incredible ride and salute everyone in the extreme metal scene for the incredible support and camaraderie.
So, suck a turd to a point and stab yourself with it!!!"

Devin Townsend

See below for a complete content listing for STRAPPING YOUNG LAD’s “1994-2006 Chaos Years” Best Of CD+DVD:

Tracklisting CD:
1. S.Y.L. [4:46]
2. In The Rainy Season [4:37]
3. Velvet Kevorkian [1:17]
4. All Hail The New Flesh [5:24]
5. Oh My Fucking God [3:34]
6. Detox [5:37]
7. Relentless [3:03]
8. Rape Song [3:09]
9. Aftermath [6:46]
10. Imperial [2:17]
11. Skeksis [6:42]
12. Shitstorm [4:22]
13. Love? [4:53]
14. You Suck [2:40]
15. Wrong Side [3:35]
16. Almost Again [3:43]
17. Satan's Ice Cream Truck [2:42]

Tracklisting DVD:
1. Download Festival UK 2006 [42:18]:
1.1 Imperial
1.2 Velvet Kevorkian
1.3 All Hail the New Flesh
1.4 Wrong Side
1.5 Aftermath
1.6 Love?
1.7 Polyphony/The New Black
1.8 In The Rainy Season
(live at the Download Festival in Donington, UK, 2006)

2. More Live Stuff:
2.1 S.Y.L. (live at The Roxy in Hollywood, LA, 2001) [04:10]
2.2 Detox (live at The Roxy in Hollywood, LA, 2001) [06:46]
2.3 Home Nucleonics (live at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada, 2004) [02:41]
2.4 Love? (live at the Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, 2005) [06:01]
2.5 All Hail The New Flesh (live at Zeche Carl in Essen, Germany, 2005) [05:39]
2.6 Skeksis (live at the Flame Fest in Bologna, Italy, 2006) [06:43]

3. Promo Videos:
3.1 S.Y.L. [04:49]
3.2 Detox [03:27]
3.3 Relentless [03:04]
3.4 Love? [04:37]
3.5 Zen [03:50]
3.6 Wrong Side [03:40]
3.7 Almost Again [03:32]

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