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12 January 2009
Duff McKagan's Loaded: complete new album & post new webisode!
Duff McKagan's Loaded:  complete new album & post new webisode!
There are few individuals around today that exemplify the term “idol” or “legend,” but Duff McKagan easily belongs to this chosen minority. In 2009, DUFF MCKAGAN’s LOADED will add another chapter to his already storied career further showing his songwriting prowess and versatility assuming the role of vocalist/guitarist. This is an all out assault of pure rock and punk infused fury that pulls no punches.

DUFF MCKAGAN’s LOADED have completed work on their massively anticipated new full-length album, “Sick”, which was recorded by Martin Feveyear (Presidents of the USA, Kings of Leon) and is set for a late March release in Europe. A new webisode documenting the band’s recent UK tour can be viewed at the link below. See the meaning behind the term “Road Gay,” travel with the band for a photo shoot at the infamous Loc Ness and witness how insane the Brits are for Duff and company:www.myspace.com/loaded

DUFF MCKAGAN’s LOADED was formed in 1999, released two albums and debuted on Century Media with the extremely well-received “Wasted Heart EP” in September 2008. The current line-up features drummer Geoff Reading (New American Shame, Green Apple Quickstep), bassist Jeff Rouse and guitarist Mike Squires (both formerly of Alien Crime Syndicate). With the fabulous new album “Sick” these rock n’ roll brothers will bring their high-energy to every stage, from Seattle's Sunset Tavern to Tokyo's NK Hall.

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