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25 August 2005
Impaled: New Video from Impaled
Impaled:  New Video from Impaled
Oakland's Frankenstein monster IMPALED have revealed their terrible medical truths, making them public in streaming video here. When asked about the footage, Medical Deviant Sean McGrath (vocals/guitar) said, 'The video footage for ‘Preservation of Death' was shot in the early 1920s as an instructional film. It was funded by the infamous St. Julien's Medical University, an institution that later fell into disrepute after several scandals involving the staff undertaking inhumane experiments on the patients there. While going through the archives one day, we found the footage. Curiously, it synched up PERFECTLY with our song, and strangely enough, had people who looked exactly like us playing the lead roles. It seemed like a perfect fit. Plus, we had already spent the video budget on beer and pizza.

'The idea for the video came to me during the recording of Death After Life. I like the experience to psychic photography, implanted memories, or perhaps the government mind control experiments of the 60s and 70s. One minute I was sitting there contemplating getting a real job and giving up all this foolishness, and the next my brain was hit by a bolt of lightning, imprinting the idea for this video like a petroglyph carved into living rock. My brain wasn't LITERALLY hit by lightning; that would kill me. I did feel like giving up and getting a real job though; that part was true.'

Lucky for Impaled fans, Sean has not gotten motivation for that job but instead the band will be announcing tour dates in the near future.