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09 August 2005
Old Man's Child: Cryptopsy & Old Man's Child: New Albums
Old Man's Child:  Cryptopsy & Old Man's Child: New Albums
Staggering new releases from Cryptopsy, Once Was Not, and Old Man's Child, Vermin, will be released upon North America Oct. 18th. Having played pivotal roles shaping today's metal, it is befitting that albums once again expanding their genres will be simultaneously released.

Cryptopsy have been described as 'extreme metal champions, the planet's most technically proficient and mind-jarring death metal band' - BW&BK. The new CD, featuring the long-anticipated return of vocalist Lord Worm, was recorded at Studio Vortex in St-Constant, Canada by producer Sebastien Marsan, and again infuses extreme music with awe-inspiring precision, rabidly dynamic rhythms, and mouth-foaming viciousness. Cryptopsy will be steamrolling across North America with Suffocation and Aborted from late September to November (dates follow).

Writing 'some of the most intense, majestic black metal ever to emerge from Norway's frozen forests' - Revolver, Old Man's Child return. Vermin proves that Dimmu Borgir guitarist/songwriter Galder's blasphemous well springs eternal with 'epic symphonic black metal masterpieces' - Metal Maniacs. Enlisting drummer Reno Killerich (ex-Dimmu Borgir, Vile, Exmortem), and returning to Studio Fredman (Opeth, Dark Tranquillity), Galder captured a savagely soul tortured sound on the nine new tracks.