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03 October 2005
Impaled: IMPALED On Tour
Impaled:  IMPALED On Tour
Suffering under Oakland’s psychotic surgeons Impaled’s bile-encrusted fists, U.S. audiences have unwittingly been subjected to the band’s morbid surgical mayhem. Supporting their newest release, *Death After Life*, the unrelenting horde of medical deviants is currently racing across America’s heartland in their quest to ingrain their razor-sharpened guitar riffs and heart-stoppingly heavy rhythms into the hearts and minds of fans. Bassist/vocalist Ross Sewage checked in with this road report, “We’ve had a lot of fun, and the fans have seemed to enjoy it… that is until we scooped out their eyeballs with speculum at which point their screams of enjoyment were indistinguishable from their screams of terror. Disgorge and Blessing The Hogs don’t seem to mind the splattered remains, especially since we’ve all enjoyed feasting upon the remains of the dead together. And my Mom came to a show too; she thought it was brilliant and brought along the fava beans…”

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch Impaled on their remaining U.S. dates.