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14 November 2005
Watch Them Die: WATCH THEM DIE Complete U.S. Tour With Exodus; New Video Posted Online
Watch Them Die:  WATCH THEM DIE Complete U.S. Tour With Exodus; New Video Posted Online
Oakland-based purveyors of violence WATCH THEM DIE recently completed another massive assault on the U.S. alongside Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood and Crisis.

The group\\'s stunning new offering, *Bastard Son*, is quickly catching the entire metal community\\'s attention with its destructive blend of old-school Bay Area thrash brutality and utterly savage lyrical intensity. Bastard Son is a multi-layered exploration of anger, pain, loss and redemption. This sophomore offering, mixed by Tue Madsen (Heaven Shall Burn, Himsa, The Haunted), simply annihilates the competition with its undeniable intensity.

A video for the album\\'s title track was recently shot with director Kevin Leonard (Diecast, Walls of Jericho), and it made its Headbangers Ball and Metal Asylum debuts earlier this week. The clip has also been posted online [here](mms://mp3.centurymedia.com/Watchthemdie/Bastardson/watchthemdie_Bastardson.wmv).

Pat Vigil (vocals) checks in with the following report: \\"Aaugh yes the end of a great season. We just finished up a blood-filled tour of the states with Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood and Crisis. What a great fucking tour. This package was very good. The music was crushing and energetic as fuck. We walked away with hangovers, open wounds, loss of hearing, loss of memory, inspiration, hope, pride and some really good friends. Thanks to all that made this tour possible and those that helped us along the way. We do not take you for granted. Thank you very much for the food, sleep, drink and smoke.

\\"For the holidays, we have some great local shows in and around the Bay Area. We play the Century Family\\'s 2nd Annual Christmas Balls in LA on Dec. 7th, and this show should make for an evening pain. We will tour the U.S. after the New Year and follow that up with a European tour in late spring/summer. 2006 should put us in some places we have never seen before and in front of people that have never seen or heard us. We look forward to bringing our music and energy to your town. Our new video for \\'Bastard Son\\' is now in circulation on Headbangers Ball and other stations; please keep your eyes peeled for it. Thanks to all that made this video possible as well. Beware the thief and liar, know your weapon, and listen to track 10. Trash \\'til death and to all of our fans and friends, our paths will cross again very soon.\\"

With *Bastard Son*, WATCH THEM DIE have raised the bar, crafting a record that will be a formidable calling card on their planned two-year obliteration of the U.S. in 2005 -2006. The group also presents a multi-dimensional, unapologetic reflection of reality that is definitely not for the weak or timid. *Bastard Son* is simply raw metal violence unleashed.

\\"*Bastard Son* is harsh and utterly undeniable.\\"

**-- Blabbermouth.net**

\\"This album is top-notch brutality. It really doesn\\'t get much angrier than this.\\"

**-- Brave Words**

\\"An interesting and rewarding metal experience.\\"

**-- Exclaim**

\\"*Bastard Son* is a brute of an album that revels in malevolence and all out abrasive metal fury.\\"

**-- ThePRP.com**