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26 July 2006
Strapping Young Lad: STRAPPING YOUNG LAD’s New Album Enters The Billboard Top 200 Chart
Strapping Young Lad:  STRAPPING YOUNG LAD’s New Album Enters The Billboard Top 200 Chart
The highly acclaimed new STRAPPING YOUNG LAD album, The New Black, had a phenomenal first week at retail debuting at #200 on the Billboard charts. The album is already being hailed as the group’s most ambitious and dynamic offering yet. The group have been annihilating the masses on Ozzfest, and due to the sheer abrasiveness and intensity of their live performances, they quickly became one of the most talked about, must-see-acts of the fest.

In conjunction with Ozzfest, a new video for the track “Wrong Side” was recently shot by renowned director David Brodsky (God Forbid, The Red Chord). Check it out at the link below.

On August 1st, the group will be welcoming James MacDonough (ex-Megadeth, Iced Earth) to their line-up to handle the bass duties for the remaining Ozzfest and offdates. MacDonough will be replacing Byron Stroud only for these remaining shows since Stroud will be hitting the road with Fear Factory.

Jed Simon (guitars) checks in with the following report: “The SYL juggernaut continues its Ozzfest rampage through the U.S. It’s so freakin’ hot every day, and we are constantly wondering how the fans can keep themselves together for the paltry 20 minutes that we are on stage, let alone the whole day. So here is a loud ‘fuck yes’ to the fans who endure that brutal heat to see their favorite bands. You truly rule. Playing ‘You Suck’ every day on the Ozzfest has become a bit of a legend. We keep hearing people talking about it, and Devin’s slightly changed lyrics are always hilarious. It’s cool to look around while we are playing it, and see the crews and other band members cracking up! It’s good to smile and more people should do it more often. Bob Meadows from A Life Once Lost has been joining us on stage to help with the backup vocal duties on ‘You Suck’. He’s awesome, and his entire band and crew are good people. Hats off to them.

“The New Black came storming out the gates on July 11th and has been doing very well for us. We appreciate you folks showin’ your love by getting out there and buying it. Keep it up. We are extremely proud of the new album, and it’s very representative of where we are at as a band now. Every album has been a snapshot of our lives at that moment, and this one is no different. So from my ‘New Black’ heart, I thank you...WE thank you...and we’ll see you wonderful, crazy people on tour alright?! Hell yeah!”

Century Media Records also just re-released STRAPPING YOUNG LAD’s 1995 debut album, Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing, which changed the metal world forever. The re-issue features a re-mastered version of this classic debut, 4 bonus tracks, the “S.Y.L.” video and a 12-page booklet with extended liner notes from Devin himself.

In 2006, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD will leave their definitive mark on the genre, leaving their contemporaries wondering how they could ever possibly compete